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Systems Biology

Edited by Isidore Rigoutsos and Gregory Stephanopoulos

Publication Date - September 2006

ISBN: 9780195300819

336 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


The advent of genome sequencing and associated technologies has transformed biologists' ability to measure important classes of molecules and their interactions. This expanded cellular view has opened the field to thousands of interactions that previously were outside the researchers' reach. The processing and interpretation of these new vast quantities of interconnected data call for sophisticated mathematical models and computational methods. Systems biology meets this need by combining genomic knowledge with theoretical, experimental and computational approaches from a number of traditional scientific disciplines to create a mechanistic explanation of cellular systems and processes.

Systems Biology I: Genomics and Systems Biology II: Networks, Models, and Applications offer a much-needed study of genomic principles and their associated networks and models. Written for a wide audience, each volume presents a timely compendium of essential information that is necessary for a comprehensive study of the subject. The chapters in the two volumes reflect the hierarchical nature of systems biology. Chapter authors-world-recognized experts in their fields-provide authoritative discussions on a wide range of topics along this hierarchy. Volume I explores issues pertaining to genomics that range from prebiotic chemistry to noncoding RNAs. Volume II covers an equally wide spectrum, from mass spectrometry to embryonic stem cells. The two volumes are meant to provide a reliable reference for students and researchers alike.


"The editors have assembled a fascinatingly diverse set of contributions by leading experts on topics ranging from sequence analysis, structural studies, and expression analysis to exploring molecular interaction networks, their influence on phenotypes, and their applications to fundamental problems such as physiology, development and evolution. These two volumes provide a well-timed and reasonably comprehensive account of major areas in the emerging subject of systems biology."--The Quarterly Review of Biology

Table of Contents

    1. Prebiotic Chemistry on the Primitive Earth 3, Stanley L. Miller & H. James Cleaves
    2. Prebiotic Evolution and the Origin of Life: Is a System-Level Understanding Feasible? 57, Antonio Lazcano
    3. Shotgun Fragment Assembly 79, Granger Sutton & Ian Dew
    4. Gene Finding 118, John Besemer & Mark Borodovsky
    5. Local Sequence Similarities 154, Temple F. Smith
    6. Complete Prokaryotic Genomes: Reading and Comprehension 166, Michael Y. Galperin & Eugene V. Koonin
    7. Protein Structure Prediction 187, Jeffrey Skolnick & Yang Zhang
    8. DNA-Protein Interactions 219, Gary D. Stormo
    9. Some Computational Problems Associated with Horizontal Gene Transfer 248, Michael Syvanen
    10. Noncoding RNA and RNA Regulatory Networks in the Systems Biology of Animals 269
    John S. Mattick
    Index 303

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