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How to talk to classmates and others: A primer to oral presentations

William M. Doll

Publication Date - 06 February 2014

ISBN: 9780199989867

32 pages
Spiral Bound
5 x 7 inches

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Engaging. Affordable. Portable. SPEAK is the perfect guide to oral presentations for any first-year college writing course.


Designed with the busy college student in mind, SPEAK provides students with the essentials to deliver a successful oral presentation. It contains easy-to-read brief lessons that highlight key points and principles, eye-catching visuals, quips, and quotes drawn from a variety of sources. This compact resource's intuitive organization and page layout allow students to absorb each skill quickly, logically, and memorably.

About the Author(s)

William M. Doll is a professional speechwriter who heads Bill Doll & Company, a communication and research firm in Cleveland. He is also a Presidential Fellow with SAGES, the undergraduate seminar program at Case Western Reserve University.


"SPEAK is a great supplement for Composition courses. It includes all of the main points and suggestions that I use to show students how to give successful in-class oral presentations. The topics are clear, organized, and well-explained. This book is a terrific tool."--Cynthia L. Jenéy, Missouri Western State University

Table of Contents

    Before Approaching the Podium
    I. The Three Rules of Public Speaking
    Rule #1: Keep It Simple.
    Rule #2: Repetition is Good.
    Rule #3: Be Prepared!
    II. Writing the Talk
    Types of Talks
    What's the Takeaway?
    Your Audience
    Writing the Talk
    Avoiding Plagiarism
    How Do You document sources?
    III. Presenting the Talk
    Practice, Practice, Practice.
    Use your Voice
    What about Stage Fright?
    What about Visual Aids?
    Final Reminders
    Words and Phrases to Avoid (Or Use Sparingly)
    A Rubric for Evaluating a Talk
    Works Cited/Some Useful Resources

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