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Social Work Practice with the LGBTQ+ Community

The Intersection of History, Health, Mental Health, and Policy Factors

Second Edition

Edited by Michael P. Dentato

Publication Date - 01 July 2022

ISBN: 9780197573495

752 pages
7 1/2 x 9 1/4 inches

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Provides a comprehensive overview of sociopolitical, historical, and policy contexts in order to guide students in both health and mental health practice with diverse members of the LGBTQ+ community


Social Work Practice with the LGBTQ+ Community aims to weave together the realms of sociopolitical, historical, and policy contexts in order to assist readers with understanding the base for effective and affirming health and mental health practice with diverse members of the LGBTQ+ community. Comprised of chapters written by social work academics and their allies--whose combined knowledge in the field spans decades of direct experience in human behavior, practice, policy, and research--this book features applicable and useful content for social work students and practitioners across the allied health and mental health professions, as well as across disciplines. The expansive practice text examines international concerns and content associated with the LGBTQ+ movement and ongoing needs related to health, mental health, policy and advocacy, among other areas of concern. Specific highlights of the chapters include narrative that blends conceptual, theoretical, and empirical content; examination of current trends in the field related to practice considerations and intersectionality; and snapshots of concerns related to international progress and ongoing challenges related to equality and policy. Additionally, as a classroom support for instructors, each chapter has a corresponding power point presentation which includes a resource list pertaining to that chapter's focus with websites, film, and video links as well as national and international organizations associated with the LGBTQ+ community. Overall, Social Work Practice with the LGBTQ+ Community is an invaluable resource for graduate students within social work programs and related disciplines, academics, and health/mental health practitioners currently in the field.

New to this Edition

  • More pedagogical features, such as tables and figures, discussion questions, and case studies
  • New chapters have been added pertaining to practice with Black LGBTQ+ populations as well as practice with LGBTQ+ migrants, immigrants, and refugees
  • New content addressing COVID-19: stay-at-home orders' and social isolation's impact on the health and mental health of LGBTQ+ populations, as well as a discussion of the role of online telehealth practices
  • New content on practitioner self-awareness, cultural humility and responsiveness, as well as acknowledging one's privileges, power, biases, and the need for social workers and members of health and mental health professions at-large to actively work via activism, allyship, and social action in dismantling oppressive systems specifically impacting LGBTQ+ people of color


  • Weaves together empirical and conceptual content, written by LGBTQ scholars, educators, students, and allies
  • Addresses issues of intersectionality with practice, urban and rural LGBTQ communities, and micro, mezzo, and macro perspectives
  • Provides strong integration of content related to affirming models and methods of practice
  • Powerpoint presentations and case scenarios are provided for instructional use and can be modified to fit the instructor's needs
  • Appendices provide a strong base for LGBTQ historical events, figures, signs, and symbols

About the Author(s)

Michael P. Dentato, PhD, MSW is Associate Professor of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago. He presently serves as a consultant for The Center of Excellence on LGBTQ+ Behavioral Health Equity and is the former co-chair for the U.S. regional network of the International Partnership for Queer Youth Resilience (INQYR). He has more than 25 years of direct service and consultant experience including clinical, administrative, and policy work throughout his tenure in New York City, Miami, and Chicago, serving as a mental health therapist, clinical supervisor, director of clinical services, and executive director, among other roles.

Table of Contents

    About the Editor
    About the Contributors


    1. A History of Community: Marching Toward LGBTQ+ Equality
    Jean E. Balestrery and Michael P. Dentato

    2. Understanding Differences and Definitions: From Oppression to Sexual Health and Practice
    Elizabeth B. Russell, Pamela A. Viggiani, and Beckett A. Sippel

    3. Advancing Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice
    Kirsten K. Havig, Anthony P. Natale, David A. McLeod, and Megan E. Gandy

    4. Expanding LGBTQ+ Equality and Equity through Policy Practice
    Anthony P. Natale, Kirsten K. Havig, Megan E. Gandy, David A. Mcleod, and Trevor G. Gates


    5. Identity Development & Coming Out
    Tyler M. Argüello, Joanna C. La Torre, Michael P. Dentato, and Mark S. Smith

    6. Trauma Impacts upon LGBTQ+ People: Implications for Lifespan Development
    Megan E. Gandy, Kirsten K. Havig, Anthony P. Natale, and David A. McLeod

    7. Strengths-Affirming Practice with LGBTQ+ Youth
    G. Allen Ratliff and Brian L. Kelly

    8. Dating, Relationships, and Family Issues
    Michael P. Dentato, Tyler M. Argüello, Joanna C. La Torre, and J. Aces Lira

    9. Aging within the LGBTQ+ Community: An Exploration of Resilience and Courage
    Marcia Spira, Mark S. Smith, and Alicia Gilman


    10. LGBTQ+ Affirming, Strengths-Based, and Culturally Responsive Practice
    Brian L. Kelly and Trevor G. Gates

    11. Incorporating Minority Stress Theory into Clinical Practice with Sexual-Minority Populations
    Edward J. Alessi, Eric Hartman, and Shannon P. Cheung

    12. Practice with the Black LGBTQ+ Community
    Marquitta S. Dorsey, Keith R. Green, and Jonathan P. Edwards

    13. Practice with the Lesbian Community: A Roadmap to Effective Micro, Mezzo, and Macro Interventions
    Gayle Mallinger

    14. Practice with the Gay Male Community
    Anthony P. Verdino, Michael P. Dentato, Tyler M. Argüello, and Keith J. Watts

    15. Practice with Bisexual+ People
    K Scherrer and Olivia H. Hunte

    16. Practice with Transgender and Gender Diverse Clients
    Ashley Austin and Ryan Papciak

    17. Practice with the Queer+ Community
    M. Alex Wagaman
    Chapter highlight on: Affirming Asexualities in Social Work Practice
    K Scherrer and Tomi Weinbaum

    18. Sexual and Gender Minority Migrants
    Edward J. Alessi, Edward O. J. Lee, Sarilee Kahn, and Shannon P. Cheung

    19. Building Strengths-Based and Empowering Continuums of Care for LGBTQ+ Youth
    Shelley L. Craig, Lauren B. McInroy, and Andrew D. Eaton


    20. An Examination of Health and Mental Health Factors Impacting the LGBTQ+ Community
    Sarah R. Young, Kayla P. Johnson, and Nia Clark

    21. LGBTQ+ People of Color with Mental Health Conditions: Considering Intersectionalities
    De'Shay Thomas and Lynn C. Holley

    22. Substance Use and Addiction
    Natasha S. Mendoza, Isaac M. Akapnitis, and G. Trey Jenkins

    23. Understanding the Impact of Intimate Partner Violence: Trends, Frameworks, and Treatments
    David A. McLeod, Kirsten K. Havig, Megan E. Gandy, Anthony P. Natale, and Dedrick Perkins

    24. Health Disparities, HIV/AIDS, and the U.S. Public Health Agenda
    Sid P. Jordan and Ian W. Holloway


    Appendix A. Signs, Symbols, and Subculture Communities
    Appendix B. Notable LGBTQ+ Individuals
    Appendix C. Important Modern LGBTQ+ Historical Events, Legislation, & Policies
    Appendix D. National and International Resources and Websites

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