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Social Work Practice With Latinos

Key Issues and Emerging Themes

Edited by Rich Furman and Nalini Negi

Publication Date - July 2010

ISBN: 9780190616496

256 pages
6.1 x 9 inches

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Latinos are now the largest ethnic minority population in the United States and still they encounter a great deal of misunderstanding, prejudice, and discrimination. Utilizing a strengths-based perspective, Social Work Practice with Latinos addresses the unique needs of this diverse population.

Written by practitioners and scholars from many disciplines, this book discusses social issues of consequence to Latinos and specific strengths and risk factors of the Latino community. They then offer methods that utilize these strengths to ensure a culturally-competent approach to practice with Latino populations. Each chapter is accompanied by key questions for personal and group reflection to facilitate discussion and understanding of these vital themes.

The editors have nearly three decades of combined experience working with Latino populations inside and outside the United States. Drawing on this experience, they integrate these varied perspectives to prepare students and practitioners for practice with this richly diverse community.


  • Written by practitioners and academics from many disciplines, this book uses a strengths-based approach to address the needs of the Latino community in the United States
  • Addresses the contexts for practice, the community's strengths and vulnerabilities, and details interventions and programs that have been proven effective.
  • Each chapter features key questions to encourage discussion and reflection

About the Author(s)

Rich Furman (PhD, Yeshiva University; MSW, University of Pennsylvania) is professor of social work at the University of Washington, Tacoma. He has published numerous books and articles, most recently Practical Tips for Publishing Scholarly Articles, second edition, Navigating Human Service Organizations, third edition, and An Experiential Approach to Group Work, second edition. He specializes in social work practice with Latinos and expressive qualitative research.

Nalini Negi (PhD, University of Texas at Austin; MSW, University of Southern California) is assistant professor of social work at the University of Maryland. Her research interests include migration, substance abuse, and mental health among Latino immigrants and culturally competent social work practice.

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Part I: The Context of Practice with Latinos
    Chapter 2: The Social Welfare of Latino Transmigrants: Implications for Social Work Practice
    Chapter 3: The Diversity and Commonalities of Latinos in the United States
    Chapter 4: ¡Si, Se Puede! Revisited: Latina/o Workers in the United States
    Part II: Strengths and Vulnerabilities
    Chapter 5: Family and Community as Strengths in the Latino Community
    Chapter 6: Spirituality as a Strength in the Latino Community
    Chapter 7: Art as a Source of Strength in the Latino Community
    Chapter 8: Barriers to Health Care Utilization among Latinos in the United States: Recommendations for Social Workers
    Chapter 9: Violence and Latino Communities
    Part III: Interventions, Programs, and Methods
    Chapter 10: Culturally Competent Assessment of Latinos
    Chapter 11: Direct Practice with Latino Families
    Chapter 12: Child Welfare Practice and the Use of Family Conferencing: A Culturally Responsive Intervention with Hispanic Children and Families
    Chapter 13: Substance Abuse Prevention and Latino Youth
    Chapter 14: Social Work Practice with Older Latino Adults
    Chapter 15: A Tale of Two Groups: Culturally Sensitive Group Therapy for Latinos
    Chapter 16: Latinos and Spanish: The Awkwardness of Language in Social Work Practice
    Chapter 17: "Solidaridad Y Justicia": Latinas, Community Organizing, and Empowerment

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