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Social Work Practice

Treating Common Client Problems

Edited by Harold E. Briggs and Kevin Corcoran

Publication Date - 01 July 2001

ISBN: 9780190615697

480 pages
6 x 8.8 inches


An effective social worker must be able to facilitate change. SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE: TREATING COMMON CLIENT PROBLEMS is about change and effective social work practice, regardless of whether the focus of change is an individual, a family, or a community. In Part I the authors consider the foundations of change, the components of effective practice, and how to structure one's practice for maximum effectiveness. Part II applies these principles to frequently encountered client problems. The straightforward, practical treatment approaches and direct, accessible style will be of value to both students and clinicians.


  • Emphasizes evidence-based elements in order to produce change in real-life situations
  • Covers clinical and community practice and presents a broad range of client problems
  • Incorporates foundation and advanced practice knowledge prescribed by CSWE
  • New chapters on involving absent fathers in the change process; working with the elderly and their caregivers; structuring practice with involuntary clients; and establishing organizational environments to maximize effective practice
  • Case examples interspersed throughout the text to guide students and practitioners
  • Substantially reorganized from Structuring Change and thoroughly updated

About the Author(s)

Harold E. Briggs is professor at Portland State University Graduate School of Social Work, holds an A.M. and a Ph.D from the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. He has experience in nonprofit management and is the author of many scholarly articles. Professor Briggs is currently working on another book on evidence-based practice as well as a management book.

Kevin Corcoran is professor at Portland State University Graduate School of Social Work. He holds an M.A., an M.S.W., a Ph.D. and a J.D. He is the author or editor of several books and has written numerous articles and chapters. Professor Corcoran practices commercial and community mediation in Yachats, Oregon.

Table of Contents

    Part One Foundations of Change in Social Work Practice
    Chapter 1 Introduction: Implementing the Foundations of Change
    Chapter 2 The Foundation of Social Work Practice
    Chapter 3 The Scientific and Empirical Foundations of Clinical Practice
    Chapter 4 Evidence-Based Approaches to Community Practice
    Chapter 5 Practice Evaluation: Setting Goals and Monitoring Change
    Chapter 6 Ethics and Values in Clinical and Community Social Work Practice
    Part Two Applying the Foundations of Change
    Chapter 7 Shared Power in Social Work: A Native American Perspective of Change
    Chapter 8 Treating Depression in a Postmodern World: A Feminist Perspective
    Chapter 9 Behavior Analysis and Therapy for Persons with Phobias
    Chapter 10 Competency-Based Treatment of Marital Discord
    Chapter 11 Social Competence Promotion for Troubled Youth
    Chapter 12 An Eclectic Approach for Persons with Substance-Related Disorders
    Chapter 13 Working with People with HIV Disease
    Chapter 14 Treatment for Persons with Borderline Personality
    Chapter 15 Experiential Approaches with Mexican-American Males with Acculturation Stress
    Chapter 16 Mediation Techniques for Persons in Disputes
    Chapter 17 Engaging Nonresident Fathers in Social Work with Fragile Families
    Chapter 18 A Family Eco-Behavioral Approach for Elders with Mental Illness
    Chapter 19 Working with Organizations Serving Persons with Disabilities
    Chapter 20 Clinical Practice with Involuntary Clients in Community Settings

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