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Social Work in a Sustainable World

Nancy L. Mary

Publication Date - 01 March 2008

ISBN: 9780190615987

234 pages
5.5 x 8.2 inches


Social Work in a Sustainable World addresses the context of social work and the responsibility of the social worker within the larger global community. Mary extracts the fundamental principles of various schools of thought to clearly demonstrate the need for change in the way social workers view their immediate communities, the global community, and their responsibility to each. With sustainability and its dimensions of human survival, biological diversity, and equity as key concepts, Mary urges social workers to act as agents of change and to take on new challenges and roles in the institutions of politics, the economy, the environment, and, ultimately, social welfare.


  • Utilizes research across disciplines, introducing students to new ideas and placing their role as social workers into a broader perspective
  • Presents complex theories in a clear and engaging style
  • Offers suggested readings at the end of each chapter to allow students to further explore areas of interest
  • Links new ideas and theories presented in each chapter to prominent practical issues in social work

About the Author(s)

Nancy L. Mary (DSW, MSW, University of California, Los Angeles) is professor emerita of social work at California State University, San Bernardino. She teaches macro foundation and advanced macro practice with electives in disabilities. Mary has a number of published papers and has presented her ideas at conferences worldwide.

Table of Contents

    1 Social Work's Role in a Sustainable Future
    2 Long-Term Sustainability and the Environment
    3 New Systems Thinking and a Web of Life
    4 Spirituality and Science: Today's Modern Dilemma
    5 Redefining Economy
    6 Sustainable Politics
    7 A Model of Social Work for a Sustainable World
    8 Evolving Toward Partnership
    About the Author

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