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Social Media Management

Persuasion in Networked Culture

Ben Shields

Publication Date - December 2016

ISBN: 9780190296339

304 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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The go-to source on social media management that masterfully blends research and practice


Social media technologies are not only changing the way we communicate, but also disrupting the business world. Social Media Management: Persuasion in Networked Culture equips readers with a coherent framework and the tools to answer the question: Now what? Based on the author's extensive experience as a social media practitioner, researcher, and educator, this book reveals the formula for social media success today and in the future.


* Clear and relevant framework: Offers a clear model for developing strategies to maximize the business value of social media

* Accessibility: Written is an accessible style, highlighted by numerous visual examples of social media in practice

* Comprehensive: Addresses key topics in this evolving field, from targeting social audiences and developing a company's social brand strategy to managing crisis with social media and measuring social media results

* Practical: A final chapter, "Defining Your Personal Brand in Social Media," gives students and practitioners clear guidance on how to manage their own social media presence to best match their personal and professional brands

* Diverse Examples and Cases: Incorporates numerous examples--from the chapter-opening vignettes, detailed in-chapter case studies, and shorter social snippets from a variety of people, industries, organizations, and disciplines--that highlight social media successes and challenges

* "Your Turn" exercises: Includes "Your Turn" exercises at the end of each chapter that challenge students to apply what they've learned to a variety of business situations

About the Author(s)

Ben Shields is the former Director of Social Media Marketing at ESPN, where he worked in the social space from 2009-2014. He is currently a Lecturer in Managerial Communication at the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he teaches Communication for Leaders and Advanced Leadership Communication.


"Social Media Management simplifies the often-mysterious world of social media strategy with an approachable style that challenges and enlightens students of all professional backgrounds."--Eric Brey, University of Wisconsin-Stout

"This is one of the most effective, foundational textbooks available for students looking to master their abilities to create strategic social media plans at an organizational level."--Kirsten Whitten, Regis College, Curry College, and Stonehill College

"A great overview of strategic social media that ties together the importance of social media being couched in business and marketing strategy and practical, relevant examples and case studies that engage students."--Mary C. Martin, Fort Hays State University

"In the 'old days' of analog marketing, most faculty consumed newspapers, magazines, and TV, so it was very easy to understand advertising and/or marketing communications. Today, many faculty are aware of digital marketing, but have a very limited use of the varied platforms available. This book offers both enough technical detail and examples on the various platforms for even the digitally naive faculty member to leads a class, along with a good strategic overview that seems to be lacking from so many treatments of social media marketing."--Eric J. Karson, Villanova University

"Informative and also effective! I would strongly suggest that my colleagues adopt this book because it's current, relevant, and learner-centered and will add value from a social media marketing perspective for a long time to come."--Mohammed Nadeem, National University and the University of San Francisco

Table of Contents


    Chapter 1. Maximizing Business Value
    Social Media Equals Business Opportunity (And Not Just for Cats)
    What Is Social Media Management?
    Evolving from a Platform-Driven to a Goal-Centric Approach
    Setting Goals to Drive Value
    Social Media Management Framework
    What's Next?
    Platforms May Change, But The Industry Will Still Grow
    Your Turn: A Goal-Setting Exercise for Your School

    Chapter 2. Targeting Social Audiences
    Collecting Social Audience
    Segmenting Social Audiences Data
    Prioritizing Target Audiences
    Engaging Social Audiences
    It's Complicated
    Your Turn: Analyze Your Class

    Chapter 3. Adopting Social Platforms
    Renting or Buying in Social Media
    Conducting a Platform Audit
    Platform Fit Test
    Adopting Multiple Platforms
    Platform Analysis Never Stops
    Your Turn: Strategic Platform Choice

    Chapter 4. Developing Social Brand Strategy
    Why Brand Strategy in Social Media Matters
    Branding Social Media Presences
    Extending a Brand Personality
    Structuring a Social Media Portfolio
    Managing a Social Brand Portfolio
    The Cocktail Party
    Your Turn: Trader Joe's Social Brand Strategy

    Chapter 5. Designing Social Content
    Building Blocks of Social Content
    Tailoring Social Content to the Platform
    Social Content Development
    Creating and Evolving
    Your Turn: Represent Your Culture

    Chapter 6. Distributing Social Content
    Inventory Social Media Marketing Assets
    Decide on Social Media Marketing Campaigns
    Implement a Social Media Marketing Campaign
    Sample Social Media Campaign Grid
    Ready, Set, Go Viral
    Your Turn: Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan for Fidelity

    Chapter 7. Measuring Social Media Results
    Dimensionalizing the Business Value of Social Media
    Measuring Brand Value
    Measuring Revenue Value
    Measuring Operational Value
    Measuring Cultural Value
    Measuring Results Is Not Easy
    Your Turn: Devising a Measurement Plan for Sanergy

    Chapter 8. Managing Crisis in Social Media
    Crisis in Social Media
    Evaluating a Social Media Crisis
    Responding to a Social Media Crisis
    Executing Social Media Crisis Management
    Another Day, Another Potential Crisis
    Your Turn: Kashi Crisis Management

    Chapter 9. Building a Social Culture
    Social Media Use Within Organizations
    Trade-offs of Internal Social Media Use
    Internal Social Media Use in Action
    Key Success Factors
    The World's Best Boss
    Your Turn: Internal Social Media Strategy for Comcast Customer Service

    Chapter 10. Defining Your Personal Brand In Social Media
    Assume Everything You Post Is Public
    Social Media Management Framework Considerations
    Possible Strategic Directions
    Managing the Risks of a Social Media Presence
    Tips on Execution
    It's All About You
    Your Turn: Personal Social Media Audit

    Epilogue: Leadership in Data Privacy