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Single-Case Research Designs

Methods for Clinical and Applied Settings

Second Edition

Alan E. Kazdin

Publication Date - February 2010

ISBN: 9780195341881

464 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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A concise description of single-case methodology


Single-case research has played an important role in developing and evaluating interventions that are designed to alter a particular facet of human functioning. Now thoroughly updated in its second edition, acclaimed author Alan E. Kazdin's Single-Case Research Designs provides a notable contrast to the quantitative methodology approach that pervades the biological and social sciences. While focusing on widely applicable methodologies for evaluating interventions--such as treatment or psychotherapy using applied behavior analysis--this revised edition also encompasses a broader range of research areas that utilize single-case designs, demonstrating the pertinence of this methodology in various disciplines, from psychology and medicine to business and industry.

This well-written, clear, and thoroughly updated text is ideal for practitioners, instructors, and students alike.


  • Offers new options in experimental design, presenting combinations of designs that increase the range of questions that can be asked about alternative interventions
  • Details the underlying rationale and methods of evaluating intervention effects through visual inspection in the area of data evaluation
  • Provides an expanded description of methods (e.g., assessment) and a greater range of examples
  • Includes an appendix at the end of the book to encourage discussion of the challenges, advances, and dilemmas of data evaluation in the design

About the Author(s)

Alan E. Kazdin was 2008 President of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Kazdin is the John M. Musser Professor of Psychology at Yale University. In addition, he is a professor at the Institute of Social & Policy Studies and Director of the Child Conduct Clinic. His research group studies developmental psychopathology and focuses on questions related to diagnoses, assessment, and treatment of childhood disorders. His extensive publications include textbooks in the areas of research design in clinical psychology and behavioral modification in applied settings. He is the author or editor of several books including Parent Management Training (OUP, 2008) and the Encyclopedia of Psychology (OUP, 2000).

Previous Publication Date(s)

February 1982


"As in Kazdin's other work, the information presented in Single-Case Research Designs is accessible to a wide audience from diverse training backgrounds. Readers are likely to feel inspired to let their own scientistDSpractitioner emerge to answer questions important for their clients, their practice, and their community."--Lisa Fitzgibbons, American Psychological Association

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction: Study of the Individual in Context
    2. Underpinnings of Scientific Research
    3. Background and Key Measurement Considerations
    4. Methods of Assessment
    5. Ensuring the Quality of Measurement
    6. Introduction to Single-Case Research and ABAB Designs
    7. Multiple-Baseline Designs
    8. Changing-Criterion Designs
    9. Multiple-Treatment Designs
    10. Additional Design Options
    11. Quasi-Single-Case Experimental Designs
    12. Data Evaluation
    13. Graphic Display of Data for Visual Inspection
    14. Evaluation of Single-Case Designs: Challenges and Limitations
    15. Summing Up: Single-Case Research in Perspective
    Appendix. Statistical Analyses for Single-Case Designs: Issues and Illustrations
    Author Index
    Subject Index