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Seeking Our Past

An Introduction to North American Archaeology

Second Edition

Sarah W. Neusius and G. Timothy Gross

Publication Date - 22 February 2013

ISBN: 9780199873845

592 pages
8 x 10 inches

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The most readable, student-oriented text for North American Archaeology courses


Seeking Our Past: An Introduction to North American Archaeology offers an up-to-date and engaging introduction to North America's past that also illustrates contemporary archaeological practice. The authors include examples from both North American prehistory and history--drawn from academic archaeology and Cultural Resource Management (CRM)--in order to provide a broad overview of how the continent was settled, what archaeologists have learned about life across the North American culture areas, and how current archaeologists research our past. Chapters are enhanced by case studies written especially for this book by the original researchers. Through these case studies readers gain familiarity with particular projects and insight into what archaeologists actually do. In addition, the authors cover such important ethical issues as respecting and working with descendant populations and the need for archaeological stewardship. They also provide valuable information about contemporary practice and careers in archaeology.

New to this Edition

* Expanded discussion of Paleoindian adaptations
* A completely new chapter (13) that covers North American historical archaeology thematically
* New and streamlined case studies
* Revised and updated "Issues and Debates" and "Clues to the Past" feature boxes and "Faces in Archaeology" profiles
* New feature boxes, "Anthropological Themes," which remind students of the broad anthropological research questions listed in Chapter 2 and show where to look for relevant discussions in each chapter

About the Author(s)

Sarah W. Neusius is Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

G. Timothy Gross is Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at the University of San Diego and Cultural Resource Specialist at Ecology and Environment, Inc.

Previous Publication Date(s)

October 2006

Table of Contents

    PART One: Introducing North American Archaeology

    Chapter 1: The Nature and Practice of North American Archaeology
    Chapter 2: Culture and Environment in North America's Past

    PART TWO: The North American Past

    Chapter 3: Peopling of the Americas
    Chapter 4: Foragers of the North
    Chapter 5: Paths to Complexity on the Northwest Coast
    Chapter 6: Rivers, Roots, and Rabbits: The Plateau
    Chapter 7: Diversity and Complexity in California
    Chapter 8: Mobility, Flexibility, and Persistence in the Great Basin
    Chapter 9: Foragers and Villagers of the Southwestern Mountains, Mesas, and Deserts
    Chapter 10: Bison Hunters and Horticulturalists of the Great Plains
    Chapter 11: Foragers and Farmers of the Eastern Woodlands Heartland
    Chapter 12: Northern and Coastal Peoples of the Eastern Woodlands
    Chapter 13: Into the Modern World

    PART THREE: The Future of North American Archaeology

    Chapter 14: North American Archaeology for the Twenty-First Century

    BONUS MATERIALS: Student CD packaged with the text