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Return to Diversity

A Political History of East Central Europe Since World War II

Fourth Edition

Joseph Rothschild and Nancy M. Wingfield

Publication Date - November 2007

ISBN: 9780195334753

288 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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"Essential reading for both students and their professors to obtain a balanced account of the nations of East Central Europe since the Second World War."--Peter Black, George Mason University


Highly acclaimed and thoroughly updated, Return to Diversity, Fourth Edition, provides a comprehensive political history of East Central Europe from World War II to the present. An engaging and straightforward political narrative, the book is organized chronologically in a country-by-country format that students can easily navigate. Each section summarizes and examines the most important themes in Eastern Europe during the rise and fall of Communism. The text features balanced discussions of relevant political events, along with a detailed analysis of the causes and consequences of Communism from the perspective of post-Communist regimes.

Nancy M. Wingfield has revised the fourth edition to incorporate additional social and economic history into the text's strong discussions of political history. She also provides expanded coverage of the resurgence of nationalism in the 1980s, the role of dissident movements in the shift to democracy, and the problems of Communism. To make the region's history even more relevant to students, Return to Diversity now concludes with a compelling look at the contemporary reintegration of the "new" and "old" Europes.

Unsurpassed in scope, depth of analysis, and objectivity, Return to Diversity continues to be an invaluable resource for both professors and students of this region's vivid political history.

About the Author(s)

The late Joseph Rothschild served as Class of 1919 Professor of Political Science and Associate of the Institute on East Central Europe at Columbia University. His books include Ethnopolitics: A Conceptual Framework (1981), East Central Europe Between the Two World Wars (1974), Pilsudski's Coup d'État (1966), and The Communist Party of Bulgaria (1959.

Nancy M. Wingfield is Professor of History at Northern Illinois University. She is author of Flag Wars and Stone Saints: How the Bohemian Lands Became Czech (forthcoming in 2007); editor of Creating the Other: Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism in Habsburg Central Europe (2003); and coeditor, with Maria Bucur, of Gender and War in Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe (2006) and Staging the Past: The Politics of Commemoration in Habsburg Central Europe, 1848 to the Present (2001).

Previous Publication Date(s)

August 1999
October 1993


"For twenty years, Return to Diversity has been recognized as the best text in its field. Now in its fourth edition, the text is better than ever. Updated throughout, this text provides a reliable, clear, and scholarly narrative of the major events, persons, and trends in East Central Europe since World War II. Written with a non-specialist American audience in mind, Return to Diversity presents a sophisticated narrative of political and economic change in the region."--Theodore R. Weeks, Southern Illinois University

"This text fills a special niche, providing a succinct and accessible summary of a complex political history. For a concise yet scholarly political history of East Central Europe, there is nothing comparable. This clear and intelligent book will be useful to students and general readers alike."--Perspectives on Political Science

"Essential reading for both students and their professors to obtain a balanced account of the nations of East Central Europe since the Second World War."--Peter Black, George Mason University

Table of Contents

    Preface to the Fourth Edition
    Preface to the Third Edition
    Preface to the Second Edition
    Preface to the First Edition
    1. The Interwar Background
    2. World War II
    3. The Communists Come to Power
    4. The Dialectics of Stalinism and Titoism
    5. The Revenge of the Repressed: East Central Europe Reasserts Itself
    6. A Precarious Stalemate
    7. The Various Endgames
    8. The Return to Europe
    Suggested Readings