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Rethinking Gender, Crime, and Justice

Feminist Readings

Edited by Claire M. Renzetti, Lynne Goodstein, and Susan L. Miller

Publication Date - 01 March 2006

ISBN: 9780195330304

278 pages
6-7/8 x 9-3/16 inches

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This collection is designed to deepen students' understanding about the essential role that gender plays in the commission of--and societal responses to--criminal behavior.


Esteemed criminologists Claire M. Renzetti, Lynne Goodstein, and Susan L. Miller's volume of original essays covers a broad range of topics of interest to those who study women, crime, and criminal justice. Contributors include leading scholars of crime and justice such as Ronet Bachman, Joanne Belknap, Jeanne Flavin, James Messerschmidt, Jody Miller, and Merry Morash.

This collection is designed to deepen students' understanding about the essential role that gender plays in the commission of--and societal responses to--criminal behavior. Rethinking Gender, Crime, and Justice demonstrates how our notions of gender, race, and class influence both how society defines crime as well as how offenders commit crimes and are "treated" for their actions.

The book includes a rich variety of national and global perspectives. It reviews the most up-to-date knowledge on gender and crime, women as offenders and victims, and the impact of gender on policing, corrections administration, and the courts. The essays in this collection are engagingly and accessibly written. They challenge students to question their assumptions about criminality, victimization, and how such situations are--and should be--approached.

Rethinking Gender, Crime, and Justice covers issues that are frequently left out of traditional criminology texts. Coverage includes:

* What distinguishes feminist criminology from mainstream criminology.
* Why an understanding of gender is critical to understanding criminal offending, victimization, and criminal justice responses.
* How female victimization can lead to criminality.
* Whether girls' violence is becoming more like boys'.
* How women and girls are globally enslaved through the sex industry.
* How women prisoners are treated inequitably.
* What happens to the families of women in prison.
* What challenges women police officers, correctional officers, attorneys, and judges have faced and how they are overcoming them.
* Discussion questions follow every essay, encouraging students to think critically about each reading and go beyond it to learn more about the topics addressed.


"Operating with a feminist perspective, this anthology concisely and critically evaluates the major perspectives on women and crime, situating the study of women and crime within mainstream criminology, exposing how the study of women and crime has been dealt with historically and in contemporary times."--Gwen Hunnicutt, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction: Rethinking Gender, Crime, and Justice
    Lynne Goodstein
    2. Feminism and Crime
    Jeanne Flavin and Amy Desautels
    3. Masculinities and Crime: Beyond a Dualist Criminology
    James W. Messerschmidt
    4. Liberating Criminology: The Evolution of Feminist Thinking on Criminological Research Methods
    Ronet Bachman and Christina Lanier
    5. Age-Graded Pathways to Victimization and Offending among Women and Girls
    Catherine Kaukinen, Angela R. Gover, and Stephanie A. Hays
    6. Juvenile Delinquency and Gender: Young Women, Criminal Behavior, and Gang Involvement
    Patrick J. Carr and Gabrielle Alfieri
    7. Gender and Violent Crime
    Claire M. Renzetti
    8. Female Drug Offenders and the Drug/Crime Subculture: Gender, Stigma, and Social Control
    Susan E. Martin
    9. Compensating for Abuse: Women's Involvement in the Sex Trade in North America
    Jody Raphael
    10. Global Prostitution, Sex Tourism, and Trafficking
    Jody Miller
    11. Sexual Assault Reforms: Thirty Years and Counting
    Susan Caringella
    12. Intimate Partner Abuse
    Joanne Belknap and Hillary Potter
    13. Women, Race/Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice Processing
    Vernetta D. Young and Terri Adams-Fuller
    14. Issues Facing Women Prisoners in the Early Twenty-First Century
    Tammy L. Anderson
    15. Workplace Problems in Police Departments and Methods of Coping: Women at the Intersection
    Merry Morash, Robin Haarr, and Dian P. Gonyea
    16. Women Criminal Lawyers
    Cynthia Siemsen
    17. Women on the Bench: The Voices and Experiences of Female Judges
    Michelle L. Meloy, Shana Maier, and Susan L. Miller
    18. 'Yes, I've Paid the Price, but Look How Much I Gained': The Struggle and Status of Women Correctional Officers
    Mary K. Stohr