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Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology

A Mixed Methods Approach

Mark M. Lanier and Lisa T. Briggs

Publication Date - March 2013

ISBN: 9780199927968

336 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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Retail Price to Students: $85.95

The only text that gives equal coverage to qualitative and quantitative methods--and teaches students how to combine them for more accurate results


Intuitive, accessible, and filled with real-world testimonials from actual criminal justice scholars, Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology: A Mixed Methods Approach gives students the tools they need to understand the research they read and take the first steps toward producing compelling research projects themselves.


* Logical, step-by-step organization
follows the stages of a research project

* Robust pedagogy includes chapter objectives, key terms, a running glossary, and chapter-ending discussion questions

About the Author(s)

Mark M. Lanier is Professor and Chair of Criminal Justice at the University of Alabama.

Lisa T. Briggs is Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Western Carolina University.


"I love the approach of this book. The authors make research come alive through stories that illustrate the methods presented in the chapters. The hands-on exercises and end-of-chapter discussion questions generate interest and teach students to learn by doing." --Linda Keena, University of Mississippi

"This text is completely unique to the field. It is easy to read and comprehend, and does a great job of clearly introducing the mechanics of how to perform research." --John Tahiliani, Worcester State University

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Research Methods: What Is It, And Why Do We Do It?
    The History of Research
    Good, Yet Critical, Science
    Research Distinctions
    Discussion Questions
    Chapter 2: The "Stages" of Research: An Overview
    Selecting a Topic
    Identifying Research Questions
    Finding Existing Research
    Literature Reviews
    Research Designs
    Data Collection
    Data Analysis
    Reporting Results
    Discussion Questions
    Chapter 3: Research Ethics
    Common Ethical Principles
    Ethically Questionable Studies
    Recent Requirements: The (Ever Increasing) Role of the IRB
    Discussion Questions
    Chapter 4: Validity, Reliability and Threats to Research Integrity
    Validity and Reliability
    Research Threats
    Chapter 5: Qualitative Research Strategies
    Historical Synopsis of Qualitative Research
    Requisite Qualitative Research Tools
    Field Research
    Discussion Questions
    Chapter 6: Quantitative Research Designs
    Components of an Experiment
    Experimental, Quasi-Experimental and Pre-Experimental Designs
    Other Quantitative Research Strategies
    Discussion Questions
    Chapter 7: Survey Research and Mixed Methods
    Survey Research
    Mixed Methods Research
    Discussion Questions
    Chapter 8: Sampling Strategies
    Probability or Non-probability?
    Discussion Questions
    Chapter 9: Elementary Data Handling Part One: Univariate and Descriptive Statistics
    Mixed Methods Evaluation
    Discussion Questions
    Chapter 10: Elementary Data Handling Part Two: Bivariate Statistics
    Tests of Statistical Significance and Measures of Association
    Measures of Difference
    Discussion Questions
    Chapter 11: Beyond Research: An Aid to Writing Success
    APA Review
    Becoming a More Professional Writer
    Writing Tip Summation
    Discussion Questions

Teaching Resources

* Companion Website

offers self-quizzes for each chapter, key terms flashcards, and weblinks (www.oup.com/us/lanier)

* Instructor's Resource CD

includes a Test Bank, questions, exercises, activities, and PowerPoint-based lecture slides (available to adopting instructors)