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Reinterpreting Russian History

Readings, 860-1860s

Compiled and Edited by Daniel H. Kaiser and Gary Marker

Publication Date - January 1994

ISBN: 9780195078589

464 pages
6-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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The first comprehensive reader in Russian history in almost two decades, this collection includes primary and secondary material, much of which has never before been published in English, reflecting the latest scholarship on the subject. Supplemented by over 70 illustrations, selections are introduced by placing them in the context of the work's major themes: state structure, the economy, society, and culture and everyday life. From the multi-ethnic peopling of early Russia to the elite society of the nineteenth century, original sources illuminate such topics as state-building, government and politics, the peasantry and the countryside, clergy and religious communities, and women and gender, making this comprehensive text vital for students of Russian history.

Table of Contents

    I. The East Slavs and Kievan Rus'
    The Multi-Ethnic Peopling of Early Russia
    The State Structure of Kievan Rus'
    The Economy in Kievan Rus'
    Society in Rus'
    Culture and Everyday Life in Kievan Rus'
    II. The Post-Kievan Experience (ca. 1150-1497)
    State-Building in Post-Kievan Rus'
    Economy and Society in Post-Kievan Rus'
    Culture and Everyday Life in Post-Kievan Rus'
    III. The Muscovite Centralized State
    The State Structure of Muscovite Russia
    The Economy of Muscovite Russia
    Muscovite Society
    Muscovite Culture
    Everyday Life in Muscovy
    IV. The Imperial Period: From Peter the Great to the Great Reforms (1689-1860's)
    1. The State, Government, and Politics
    The Imperial Service State
    Government and Politics in the Eighteenth Century
    Government and Politics in the Nineteenth Century
    2. The Lower and Middle Estates
    The Peasantry and the Countryside
    Merchants, Artisans, and Townsfolk
    The Clergy and Religious Communities
    3. Categories and Structures of Everyday Life
    The Economy and Economic Life
    Family and Clan
    Women and Gender
    4. High and Low Culture
    Oral Traditions and Popular Culture
    Elite Culture and Educated Society: The Eighteenth Century
    Elite Culture and Educated Society: The Nineteenth Century
    5. The Great Reforms

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