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Reinforced Concrete Design

Ninth Edition

José A. Pincheira, Gustavo J. Parra-Montesinos, Author Chu-Kia Wang, and Charles Salmon

Publication Date - December 2021

ISBN: 9780197545102

1008 pages

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Retail Price to Students: $214.95

Explains the basic concepts of reinforced concrete design reflecting the latest developments in the field


The Ninth Edition of this highly respected textbook has been thoroughly revised and updated in accordance with the latest edition of the 2019 American Concrete Institute Building Code and Commentary (ACI 318-19). Major changes include new design provisions for shear, development length, beam-column joints, and deflections, among others. Numerous examples and end-of-chapter problems are provided throughout the textbook. To aid instructors, many problem solutions are also available as Mathcad® worksheets, allowing alternate solutions by modifying a few parameters at the choice of the instructor.

New to this Edition

  • Thoroughly updated to reflect the latest ACI building codes
  • New examples using software and design tools used in practice
  • Additional online content, including figures and photos not included in text


  • Most affordable and streamlined text on the market
  • Covers the most practical aspects of reinforced concrete design for an introductory course
  • Widely respected classic text
  • Chapter on slenderness effects on columns exemplifies the analyses required using structural analysis software that is typically used in design firms

About the Author(s)

José A. Pincheira, Gustavo J. Parra-Montesinos, Chu-Kia Wang, and Charles Salmon, all of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


"I like the fact that this benefits the student for the course but also is a useful reference going forward in their careers."--Nadeau, Duke Univerisy

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction, Materials, and Properties
    2. Design Methods and Requirements
    3. Flexural Behavior and Strength of Beams
    4. T-Sections in Bending
    5. Shear Strength and Design for Shear
    6. Development of Reinforcement
    7. Analysis of Continuous Beams and One-Way Slabs
    8. Design of One-Way Slabs
    9. Design of Slab-Beam-Girder and Joist Floor Systems
    10. Members in Compression and Bending
    11. Serviceability
    12. Monolithic Beam-Column Connections
    13. Slenderness Effects on Columns
    14. Strut-and-Tie Models: Deep Beams, Brackets, and Corbels
    15. Structural Walls
    16. Design of Two-Way Floor Systems
    17. Yield Line Theory of Slabs
    18. Torsion
    19. Footings
    20. Introduction to Prestressed Concrete
    21. Composite Members and Connections