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Radiation Heat Transfer

H. R. N. Jones

Publication Date - 16 November 2000

ISBN: 9780198564553

96 pages


This book is an introductory text on radiation heat transfer aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students working in an engineering environment, who have no prior knowledge of the subject. It starts from the basic physical principles of thermal radiation, and then goes on to develop methods for the calculation of view factors, rates of heat transfer between surfaces, effects of intervening gases, and the treatment of combined modes of heat transfer. It applies these methods to a number of practical engineering examples, including heat transfer in furnaces, techniques for the measurement of temperature, and radiation from particles in combustion gases.

The text works from a student's point of view, and is based firmly in the tradition of hand calculation, as commonly encountered in university teaching programmes.


  • Mathematical analysis is deliberately kept simple and aimed at an undergraduate audience.
  • Gives an introductory treatment of gas radiation and combined modes of heat transfer, which are usually omitted from general heat transfer texts.
  • Goes beyond material covered in general heat transfer texts for students.
  • Gives a number of engineering applications, such as furnaces, temperature measurement, and particle radiation. These sections put the theory into context, and give the non-specialist an appreciation of real engineering systems.

Table of Contents

    1. Fundamentals of thermal radiation
    2. View factors
    3. Heat exchange between black surfaces
    4. Heat exchange between grey surfaces
    5. Emission and absorption by gases
    6. Radiative heat transfer in furnaces
    7. Combined modes of heat transfer
    8. Measurement of temperature
    9. Radiation from flames
    Further reading

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