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A Reader for Writers

Jason Schneiderman

Publication Date - 08 January 2016

ISBN: 9780190277109

448 pages
5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

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Read. Write. Oxford.


Developed for courses in first-year writing, Queer: A Reader for Writers includes an interdisciplinary mix of public, academic, and cultural reading selections. It provides students with the rhetorical knowledge and analytical strategies required to participate effectively in discussions about queer theory and culture. Chapters include numerous pedagogical features and are organized thematically around a range of issues and topics that fall under the queer umbrella.

Queer: A Reader for Writers is part of a series of brief, single-topic readers from Oxford University Press designed for today's college writing courses. Each reader in this series approaches a topic of contemporary conversation from multiple perspectives.


  • Focused and accessible introductions to notoriously difficult but foundational thinkers like Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and Michel Foucault
  • "Forging Connections" and "Looking Forward" prompts help students develop critical-thinking and application skills
  • An entire chapter devoted to intersex identity provides an overview of intersex anatomy, history, and concerns and incorporates voices from the community

About the Author(s)

Jason Schneiderman is Assistant Professor of English at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Table of Contents


    1 Speaking Queerly
    GLAAD from the GLAAD Media Reference Guide 2010
    David Hiskey "How 'Gay' Came to Mean 'Homosexual'"
    Justin Vivian Bond "Mx. Justin Vivian Bond: A User's Guide"
    Diane Ehrensaft "Candidates for True Gender Self Therapy"
    Anne Fausto-Sterling "Frameworks of Desire"
    Kristin Cronn-Mills "A Note from the Author"

    2 Thinking Queerly
    Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick "Axiom 1: People Are Different from Each Other"
    Michel Foucault "Method"
    Gayle Rubin "Sexual Stratification"
    Susan Stryker "T Time A Queer Media Manifesto"
    Jane Ward "Born This Way: Congenital Heterosexuality and the Making of Heteroflexibility"

    3 Good Sex, Bad Sex
    Gayle Rubin "Disability and Dildos"
    Sinclair Sexsmith "Do Rough Sex Fantasies Compromise your Sex-Positive Ethics?"
    Mark Doty "Lilacs in NYC"
    Aaron Smith "Dark Awful Man"
    Kenyon Farrow "Young, Gay, Black--And at Risk for HIV"
    Alison Bechdel "Gradual Impact"

    4 Queer Kinship
    Patrick Califia "Two Dads With a Difference--Neither of Us Was Born Male"
    Michael Broder "My Virus, My Husband, and Me"
    Brittney Cooper "America's Sex and Race Failure: Why Raven-Symoné and an Ohio Couple Are Struggling"
    MJ Kaufman and Katie Miles "Queer Kids of Queer Parents Against Gay Marriage"
    Jamie K. Evans "A Queer Spawn Manifesto: Empowerment and Recognition"

    5 States of Trans
    Margaret Talbot "About a Boy: Transgender Surgery at 16"
    Julie Sceflo "A University Recognizes a Third Gender: Neutral"
    Calpernia Addams "In Defense of Jared Leto"
    Kerem Öktem "Another Struggle: Sexual Identity Politics in Unsettled Turkey"
    Alix Spiegel "Two Families Grapple with Sons' Gender Identity"
    Christin Scarlett Milloy "I've Got the Transgender, No Photo ID, Can't Get a Mortgage Approval Blues"

    6 Intersex Lives
    Inter/Act Youth "What is Intersex?: An Intersex FAQ by Inter/Act"
    Charlotte Greenfield "Should We 'Fix' Intersex Children?"
    Hida Viloria, "What's in a Name: Intersex and Identity"
    Helen Rumbelow "Boy or Girl? Why it Can Be Hard to Tell"
    Katrina Karkazis and Rebecca Jordan-Young "The Trouble With Too Much T"

    7 Activism and Backlash
    Sarah Schulman "Israel and 'Pinkwashing'"
    Tyler Lopez "Why #Pinkwashing Insults Gays and Hurts Palestinians"
    Dean Spade "Their Laws Will Never Make Us Safer"
    Hanna Black "My Gay Shame, or How the Patriarchy Stole Sex"
    Published Anonymously by Queers, "I Hate Straights"
    Jeff Sharlet "Inside the Iron Closet: What It's Like to Be Gay in Putin's Russia"

    8 Religious Que(e)ries
    Jay Michaelson "Sodom"
    E. Patrick Johnson "In Search of My Queer Fathers (In Response to Bishop Eddie Long)"
    Vanessa Vitiello Urquhart "Thou Shalt Not Forsake Thy Celibate Christian LGBTQ Brethren"
    Samar Habib "Queer-Friendly Islamic Hermeneutics"
    Wim Peumans "Queer Muslim Migrants in Belgium: A Reasearch Note on Same-Sex Sexualities and Lived Religion"

    9 Legalize Gay
    Dahlia Lithwick "Extreme Makeover: The Story behind the Story of Lawrence v Texas"
    Dana Liebelson "Inside the Conservative Campaign to Launch 'Jim Crow-Style' Bills against Gay Americans"
    George Saunders "My Amendment"
    Justice Anthony Kennedy, as joined by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan United States v. Windsor (Section 3, of the Majority Opinion)
    Justice Antonin Scalia, as joined by Justice Clarence Thomas Obergefell v. Hodges (Justice Scalia's Dissent)

    10 None of the Above
    Bill Roundy "Orientation Police"
    Paul Rudnick "Test Your Knowledge of Sexual Difference"
    Julia Thompson "No Sex Please, We're Homoromantic"
    Robert Evans, Julianna, and Andy H. "Six Weird Ways the World Looks Different When You're Asexual"
    Charles Blow "Up from Pain"
    Dan Savage "Meet the Monogamish"


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