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Public Relations

Averill Elizabeth Gordon

Publication Date - May 2011

ISBN: 9780199565740

432 pages
9.7 x 7.4 inches

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Ideal for students with little or no background in the subject, Public Relations provides a fresh and lively introduction that relates PR theory to real-world practice. The book opens with an introduction to the conceptual framework of public relations, describing how the field evolved and discussing major PR and communications theories. Moving on to show how to develop a PR campaign using the tools of the trade, the book closes with a look at broader topics, including issues and crisis management; ethics, legalities, and corporate responsibility; online public relations; and industry trends.

Author Averill Elizabeth Gordon--a former PR practitioner with extensive experience--includes a wide range of "Application to Industry" case studies that show real-life PR in action. In addition, each chapter of the book features "PR Tools" that demonstrate how to effectively use specific techniques. In addition, interviews with practitioners offer insight into the operation of the PR industry.

The book is accompanied by a Companion Website that includes resources for both students and instructors:

For students:

* Progress tests with multiple-choice and true-false questions
* More comprehensive versions of the case studies from the book
* Related web links
* An online glossary of terms
* Links to profiles of a diverse selection of PR companies and departments
* A learning skills portfolio that includes an outline and definition of essential PR skills, guidelines on their development, and application exercises

For instructors:

* An instructor's manual that includes lesson plans for each chapter
* PowerPoint-based slides that outline the main aspects of each chapter and provide images and diagrams
* Summary quizzes in the form of multiple-choice/true-false questions
* Exercises that cover presentations, press release writing, and event planning and proposals
* Suggestions for active-learning games
* Discussion points for use in seminars
* Practice examination questions for each part of the book
* Test Bank Material

Table of Contents

    1. The evolution of public relations
    2. Public opinion and communication models
    3. Media theory and news
    4. Intelligence gathering
    5. Publics
    6. Goals, objectives, and strategy
    7. Implementation and budgeting
    8. Evaluation
    9. Communications in business
    10. Issues and crisis management
    11. Ethics, legalities, and corporate responsibility
    12. Online public relations
    13. Public relations trends