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Psychoeducation in Mental Health

Joseph Walsh

Publication Date - 01 February 2010

ISBN: 9780190616250

242 pages
6 x 8.8 inches


Psychoeducation involves educating participants about a significant challenge in living, helping participants develop social and resource supports to manage the challenge, and to develop coping skills, and ultimately, to deal with the challenge. In Psychoeducation in Mental Health, Joseph Walsh offers a clear guide to human services practitioners looking to expand their professional toolkit with psychoeducational methods.

In this book, Walsh incorporates the theories and fundamental "curative" factors of all psychoeducational interventions, as well as tips for professionals to effectively educate clients and those they rely on for support. He contends that psychoeducation is about "lifestyle regularity and healthy habits, early detection of warning signs, and treatment adherence." Here, Walsh focuses on alleviating the suffering of those with mental, emotional, and behavioral problems; people with physical health disadvantages; and people experiencing bereavement.

Through his decades of experience in direct services in the field of mental health, the author is able to outline practical theories of psychoeducation for professionals in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling, and case management to help practitioners make a lasting difference in the lives of clients and their families.


  • Provides sample group and intervention activities for each application topic
  • Discusses teaching and presentation skills required to successfully employ psychoeducation practices
  • Focuses on psychoeducation for those with mental, emotional, and behavioral problems; people with physical health disadvantages; and people experiencing bereavement
  • Encapsulated reviews of a wide and inclusive range of disorders/issues that pertain to psychoeducation: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, etc.
  • Includes exhibits throughout the book that emphasize main points through concrete and practical ideas for the reflection
  • Contains an exhaustive bibliography to guide future reading

About the Author(s)

Joseph Walsh, (PhD, LCSW, Ohio State University) is professor of social work at Virginia Commonwealth University. He has been a direct services practitioner in the field of mental health since 1974, first in a psychiatric hospital and later in community mental health center settings. He continues to provide direct services to clients at the university counseling center and also at area shelters, clubhouses, and group homes. Professor Walsh was the 1998 recipient of the National Mental Health Association's George Goodman Brudney and Ruth P. Brudney Social Work Award, given annually to recognize significant contributions to the care and treatment of persons with mental illness.

Table of Contents

    Part One: Theory and Research
    1. An Introduction to Psychoeducation
    2. Psychoeducation and Human Behavior Theory
    3. Psychoeducation and Family Theory
    4. Teaching Skills for Psycho Education
    5. Group Development and Leadership
    Part Two: Applications
    6. Schizophrenia
    7. Bipolar Disorder
    8. Depression
    9. Eating Disorders
    10. Disruptive Behavior Disorders
    11. Substance Abuse
    12. Alzheimer's Disease
    13. Physical Health Conditions
    14. Bereavement

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