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Program Evaluation for Social Workers

Foundations of Evidence-Based Programs

Sixth edition

Richard M. Grinnell, Jr., Peter A. Gabor, and Yvonne A. Unrau

Publication Date - February 2012

ISBN: 9780199859054

432 pages
7 x 10 inches

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Retail Price to Students: $90.00

An eminently approachable and practical introduction to case- and program-level evaluation techniques.


Now in its sixth edition, this popular student-friendly introduction to program evaluation provides social workers with a sound conceptual understanding of how to use basic evaluation techniques in the evaluation of their cases (case-level) and programs (program-level).

Eminently approachable, straightforward, and practical, this edition includes the fundamental tools that are needed in order for social workers to fully appreciate and understand how case- and program-level evaluations will help them to increase their effectiveness as contemporary data-driven practitioners.

New to this Edition

  • Four new chapters on the evaluation process (Chapter 2), evaluation ethics (Chapter 4), evaluation designs (Chapter 10), and the use of measuring instruments (Chapter 12) in addition to an extensive glossary
  • The four chapters in Part III (Evaluation Toolkit) present content that bridges the conceptual foundational chapters (Parts I & II) and the data-driven decision-making processes at the case and program levels (Part IV)


  • Prepares social workers to become more accountable via the use of case-and-program level evaluation techniques
  • Emphasizes diversity, ethics, stakeholder engagement, and the use of program logic models throughout the book
  • Includes numerous text boxes that illustrate the historical, cultural, and political contexts of program evaluation
  • Offers free access to online resources for students and instructors, including PowerPoint presentations, interactive flash cards, and over 200 sample test questions

About the Author(s)

Richard M. Grinnell, Jr. is Professor and holds the Clair and Clarice Platt Jones/Helen Frays Endowed Chair of Social Work Research within the School of Social Work at Western Michigan University.

Peter A. Gabor is a Professor within the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary.

Yvonne A. Unrau is Professor within the School of Social Work at Western Michigan University.

Table of Contents

    Preface for Students
    Preface for Instructors

    Part I: Preparing for Evaluations

    1. Towards Accountability
    2. The Evaluation Process
    3. The Program
    4. Ethics
    5. Cultural Competence

    Part II: Doing Evaluations

    6. Needs Assessments
    7. Process Evaluations
    8. Outcome Evaluations
    9. Efficiency Evaluations

    Part III: Evaluation Toolkit

    10. Evaluation Designs
    11. Measurement
    12. Measuring Instruments
    13. Data Sources, Sampling, and Data Collection

    Part IV: Making Decisions with Data

    14. Data Information Systems
    15. Making Decisions