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Primates in Perspective

Second Edition

Christina Campbell, Agustin Fuentes, Katherine MacKinnon, Simon Bearder, and Rebecca Stumpf

Publication Date - April 2010

ISBN: 9780195390438

864 pages
8-1/2 x 11 inches

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The most comprehensive and current text on primates by the leading researchers in the field


Featuring forty-seven original essays by seventy leading researchers, Primates in Perspective, Second Edition, offers a comprehensive and contemporary overview of all major areas of primatology. Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, the second edition offers a diversity of theoretical positions on such topics as reproduction, ecology, and social behavior and intelligence.

Primates in Perspective, Second Edition, is ideal for introductory primatology courses and can also be used in upper-division behavior and conservation courses. Additionally, it is an essential reference for primate researchers.


  • New chapters on baboons, mandrills, and mangabeys; behavioral methods; ecological methods; juveniles and adolescents; kinship; and tool use
  • A 16-page insert that features more than 30 full-color photos of primates
  • More than 50 new maps and figures
  • A glossary at the back of the text clearly defines new terms for students
  • Reading questions at the beginning of each chapter guide students to big-picture concepts and serve as discussion starters and assignment prompts
  • A "How to Use This Book" section offers tips on teaching from the text
  • An extensive, up-to-date bibliography at the back of the text

About the Author(s)

Christina J. Campbell is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at California State University, Northridge.

Agustín Fuentes is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame.

Katherine C. MacKinnon is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Saint Louis University.

Simon K. Bearder is Professor of Anthropology at Oxford Brookes University.

Rebecca M. Stumpf is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Previous Publication Date(s)

March 2006


"This edition is geared more explicitly toward use as a teaching text, with a brief 'how to use this book' section for students and teachers, a few 'reading questions' at the beginning of each chapter, and a glossary in the back. More importantly, this edition includes completely new chapters on ecological methods, kinship, and juvenility. There are also total rewrites of several chapters, including those on tool use and behavioral data collection methods, and minor tweaks to other chapters, including welcome changes in terminology in the chapter on social systems and updates to the chapters in the second section based on newly published field studies. I found all of these changes to be improvements and think they make it a stronger volume than the first edition." -- The Quarterly Review of Biology

Table of Contents

    Introduction, Phyllis Dolhinow
    PART 1: Background
    1. A Brief History of Primate Field Studies, Robert Sussman
    2. Socioecology History, Joyce Parga and Deborah Overdorff
    3. Primate Evolution and Taxonomy, Walter Hartwig
    PART 2: The Primates
    4. The Lorisiforme Primates of Asia and Mainland Africa, Anna Nekaris and Simon Bearder
    5. Lemuriformes, Lisa Gould and Michelle Sauther
    6. Tarsiers, Sharon Gursky
    7. Callitrichines Leslie Digby, Stephen Ferarri and Wendy Saltzman
    8. The Cebines, Katharine Jack
    9. Sakis, Uakaris, and Titi Monkeys, Marilyn Norconk
    10. Aotinae, Eduardo Fernandez-Duque
    11. The Atelines Anthony Di Fiore, Andrés Link, and Christina Campbell
    12. The Asian Colobines, Craig Kirkpatrick
    13. African Colobine Monkeys, Peter Fashing
    14. The Macaques, Bernard Thierry
    15. Baboons, Mandrills, and Mangabeys, Larissa Swedell
    16. The Guenons, Karin Enstam Jaffe and Lynne Isbell
    17. The Hylobatidae, Thad Bartlett
    18. Orangutans, Cheryl Knott and Sonya Kahlenberg
    19. Gorillas, Martha Robbins
    20. Chimpanzees and Bonobos, Rebecca Stumpf
    Part 3: Methods
    21. Behavioral Methods, Christina Campbell, Margaret C. Crofoot, Katherine MacKinnon, and Rebecca Stumpf
    22. Ecological Methods, Erin Vogel and Nathaniel Dominy
    23. Endocrinology, Catherine Wheaton, Anne Savage and Bill Lasley
    24. Molecular Primatology, Anthony Di Fiore, Richard R. Lawler, and Pascal Gagneux
    Part 4: Development and Reproduction
    25. Life History, Steve Leigh and Gregory Blomquist
    26. Primate Growth and Development, Debra Bolter and Adrienne Zihlman
    27. Social Beginnings, Katherine MacKinnon
    28. Juveniles and Adolescents, Hogan Sherrow and Katherine MacKinnon
    29. Primate Sexuality and Reproduction, Christina Campbell
    30. Mate Choice, Joe Manson
    31. Reproductive Cessation in Female Primates, Linda Fedigan and Mary Pavelka
    Part 5: Ecology
    32. Socioecology, Agustin Fuentes
    33. Primate Nutritional Ecology, Joanna Lambert
    34. Primate Seed Dispersal, Colin Chapman and Sabrina Russo
    35. Predation on Primates, Lynn Miller and Adriene Treves
    36. Primate Locomotor Behavior and Ecology, Paul Garber
    37. Primate Self-Medication, Michael Huffman
    PART 6: Social Behavior and Cognition
    38. Kinship, Carole Berman
    39. Cooperation and Competition in Primate Social Interactions, Paul Garber and Robert Sussman
    40. Social Aggression, Irwin Bernstein
    41. Reconciliation, Kate Arnold and Filippo Aureli
    42. The Conundrum of Communication, Harold Gouzoules and Sarah Gouzoules
    43. Tool Use, Linda Fedigan and Mary Pavelka
    44. Culture and Cognition, Christine Caldwell and Andrew Whiten
    PART 7: The Future
    45. Conservation, Karen Strier
    46. Ethnoprimatology, Erin Riley, Linda Wolfe, and Agustin Fuentes
    47. Where We Have Been, Where We are, and Where We Are Going, The Editors