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Prehistory: A Very Short Introduction

Chris Gosden

Publication Date - September 2003

ISBN: 9780192803436

152 pages

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Many of the familiar aspects of modern life are no more than a century or two old, yet our deep social structures and skills were in large measure developed by small bands of our prehistoric ancestors many millennia ago. In this book, readers are invited to think seriously about who we are by considering who we have been.


  • Introduces the reader to four and a half million years of human existence
  • Explores hot topics such as gender, race, and sexuality in the prehistoric world
  • Illustrated throughout with a wide range of international examples
  • Invites us to think seriously about who we are by considering who we have been

About the Author(s)

Chris Gosden is curator at the Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford, and a university lecturer. His special interests include Pacific prehistory and late prehistoric Europe.

Table of Contents

    The idea of prehistory
    The nature of human social life
    Is there a direction to prehistory?
    The prehistory of the future