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David J. Walton and J. Phillip Lorimer

Publication Date - 10 May 2001

ISBN: 9780198503897

160 pages


Here is the definitive introduction to polymer chemistry. This lively book takes the reader through the historical beginnings of polymers, the development of high-tonnage materials in the early part of the twentieth century, and on to the most modern high-performance materials available today. The authors are both experience educators and practitioners within the polymer industry and are uniquely qualified to discuss basic academic principles of polymers as well as their commercial application. Unlike other texts in this area, it successfully describes the exciting principles and varied applications that contribute to the use of plastics in every aspect of modern life.


  • Provides a good introduction to some of the most important modern materials
  • Explains the subject in a clear and lucid style, the product of the authors' (combined) 33 years teaching in the field
  • Discusses important industrial considerations as well as giving an academic grounding in the subject
  • Gives an overview through from a historical perspective to the modern approach

About the Author(s)

Professor David Walton, School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Coventry University, Priory Street, Coventry CV1 5FB and J Phillip Lorimer, same work address.


"An introduction to polymer chemistry for undergraduates, offering a historical perspective through the development of high-tonnage materials early in the 20th century to modern high-performance materials. The main polymer types are discussed in detail, with emphasis on practical, commercial considerations and descriptions of real industrial processes. The behavior of polymer networks is explained, and the modern importance of functional polymers is discussed. Walton teaches applied chemistry, and Lorimer teaches physical chemistry at Coventry University."--SciTech Book News

Table of Contents

    Polymer properties and characterisation
    Chain polymerisation
    Step-growth polymers
    Three-dimensional networks
    Functional polymers
    Conclusions and further reading

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