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Polymer Chemistry

An Introduction

Third Edition

Malcolm P. Stevens

Publication Date - November 1998

ISBN: 9780195124446

576 pages
6-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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Now updated to incorporate recent developments in the field, the third edition of this successful text offers an excellent introduction to polymer chemistry. Ideal for graduate students, advanced undergraduates, and industrial chemists who work with polymers, it is the only current polymer textbook that discusses polymer types according to functional groups. It provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the chemistry of macromolecular substances, with particular emphasis on polymers that are important commercially and the properties that make them important. Major topics include polymer synthesis and nomenclature; molecular weight and molecular weight distribution; reactions of polymers; recycling of polymers; methods used for characterizing and testing polymers; morphology; stereoregular polymers; polymer blends; step-growth, chain-growth, and ring-opening polymerization; commercially important addition and condensation polymers; and heterocyclic, inorganic, and natural polymers. Review exercises, many including journal references, are provided to help lead students into the polymer literature.
Polymer Chemistry, 3/e, offers the most up-to-date treatment available of new developments in this rapidly changing field. It covers dendritic and hyperbranched polymers, olefin polymerization using metallocene catalysts, living free radical polymerization, biodegradable bacterial polyesters, mass spectrometric methods for determining molecular weights of polymers, atomic force microscopy for characterizing polymer surfaces, and polymers exhibiting nonlinear optical properties.

Previous Publication Date(s)

June 1990

Table of Contents

    1. Basic principles
    2. Molecular weight and polymer solutions
    3. Chemical structure and polymer morphology
    4. Chemical structure and polymer properties
    5. Evaluation, characterization, and analysis of polymers
    6. Free radical polymerization
    7. Ionic polymerization
    8. Vinyl polymerization with complex coordination catalysts
    9. Reactions of vinyl polymers
    10. Step-reaction and ring-opening polymerization
    11. Polyethers, polysulfides, and related polymers
    12. Polyesters
    13. Polyamides and related polymers
    14. Phenol-, urea-, and melamine-formaldehyde polymers
    15. Heterocyclic polymers
    16. Inorganic and partially inorganic polymers
    17. Miscellaneous organic polymers
    18. Natural polymers
    Appendix A. Commonly used polymer abbreviations
    Appendix B. Polymer literature
    Appendix C. Sources of laboratory experiments in polymer chemistry