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Politics of the Earth

Fourth Edition

John S. Dryzek

Publication Date - 01 March 2022

ISBN: 9780198851745

328 pages
9.2 x 6.1 inches

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Written by an internationally recognised expert in the field, The Politics of the Earth provides an authoritative and engaging introduction to environmental politics through a unique, discourse-centred approach. With his lively and accessible writing style, John S. Dryzek analyses how we construct and interpret the environment through language, guiding the reader through the discourses that dominate this arena, including ecological limits, sustainability and green radicalism.

The fourth edition has been thoroughly updated to take in key developments in environmental affairs, including an examination of the implications of the Anthropocene concept and need for ecological reflexivity, with updated coverage of the Paris Agreement on climate change and Sustainable Development Goals, weaving in throughout a wealth of contemporary examples to illuminate the discussion. It also contains a ground-breaking new chapter on 'Gray Radicalism', in which the author provides an innovative overview and analysis of this contemporary radical anti-environmental discourse.

Students are further supported with added further reading sections and new end-of-chapter discussion questions, which are designed to encourage critical thinking and prompt a deeper engagement with the issues at hand.

New to this Edition

  • A new chapter on 'Gray Radicalism' introduces an innovative approach to understanding and analysing contemporary, radical anti-environmental discourse
  • The redeveloped conclusion focuses on the Anthropocene, with a comprehensive discussion of its relationship to environmental discourse and ecological reflexivity
  • Expanded further reading lists and new end-of-chapter discussion questions help students delve deeper into the topic and extend their learning
  • All chapters have been thoroughly revised to include key developments in the area, with contemporary examples illustrating how discourses shape current debates on the environment


  • The book's discourse-centred approach offers a unique way of classifying and comparing the main strands of environmental politics
  • The author makes a complex subject accessible to students through an engaging style and use of pedagogical features such as further reading lists and discussion questions
  • The text balances a comprehensive overview of environmental discourses, including ecological limits and sustainability, with cutting edge analysis of new discourses such as 'Gray Radicalism', providing not only a student guide but a significant scholarly contribution to the field
  • Also available as an e-book with functionality, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support

About the Author(s)

John S. Dryzek, Professor of Political Science at the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance at the University of Canberra's Institute for Governance and Global Analysis

John S. Dryzek is Centenary Professor at the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance at the University of Canberra's Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, former Head of the Departments of Political Science at the Universities of Oregon and Melbourne and the Social and Political Theory program at the Australian National University, and former editor of the Australian Journal of Political Science

Table of Contents

    Part I Introduction
    1. Making Sense of Earth's Politics: A Discourse Approach
    Part II Global Limits and their Denial
    2. Looming Tragedy: Limits, Boundaries, Survival
    3. Growth Unlimited: The Promethean Response
    Part III Solving Environmental Problems
    4. Leave it to the Experts: Administrative Rationalism
    5. Leave it to the People: Democratic Pragmatism
    6. Leave it to the Market: Economic Rationalism
    Part IV The Quest for Sustainability
    7. Greener Growth: Sustainable Development
    8. Industrial Society and Beyond: Ecological Modernization
    Part V Radicalism
    9. Changing People: Green Consciousness
    10. New Society: Green Politics
    11. Backlash: Gray Radicalism
    Part VI Conclusion
    12. Encountering the Anthropocene

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