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Policing Perspectives

An Anthology

Edited by Larry K. Gaines and Gary W. Cordner

Publication Date - 01 January 1998

ISBN: 9780195329797

458 pages
6-7/8 x 9-3/16 inches

This eclectic collection of contemporary and classical articles examines a variety of operational and administrative issues in the context of modern police work.


This eclectic collection of contemporary and classical articles examines a variety of operational and administrative issues in the context of modern police work. It provides even coverage in terms of both theoretical and applied perspectives, with an analytical approach. In this regard, the reader is given a foundation as to why the police operate as they do.

Gaines and Cordner's anthology offers the following distinctive features:

* A number of articles on the community policing movement.
* A section addressing administrative issues. Critics of policing have charged that antiquated management styles have hampered the progress of community policing.
* The section on doing police work addresses a number of specific operational issues.
* A strong section on ethics and deviance. Some critics charge that community policing may result in increased levels of police corruption and ethical violations.
* Articles that put the "problem solving" strategy of community policing into perspective.

Thought-provoking introductions to each article and each section guide the student and ease instruction by identifying and explaining central issues, key concepts, and relationships among topics. This gives internal cohesiveness and structure to the selections. A comprehensive subject index is also provided.

Table of Contents

    Part I: The Function of the Police
    1. Dilemmas of Police Administration, James Q. Wilson
    2. Reconsidering the Police Role, Clifford Shearing and Jeffrey Leon
    3. Can the Police Be Privatized, Philip Fixler and Robert Poole, Jr.
    4. The County Sheriff as a Distinctive Policing Modality, David Falcone and Edward Wells
    Part II: History and Context
    5. The Development of Modern Police, David Bayley
    6. Southern Slave Patrols as a Transitional Police Style, Phillip Reichel
    7. The Municipal Detective: An Historical Analysis, Jack Kuykendall
    8. Broken Windows and Fractured History, Samuel Walker
    Part III: Strategies and Programs
    9. Crime and Policing, Mark H. Moore, Robert Trojanowicz, and George Kelling
    10. Community Policing: Elements and Effects, Gary Cordner
    11. The Problems of Problem-Solving, Michael Buerger
    12. The Kansas City Gun Experiment, Lawrence Sherman, James Shaw, and Dennis Rogan
    Part IV: The Nature of Police Work
    13. Four Policemen, William K. Muir
    14. Patterns of Police Investigation, William B. Waegel
    15. What Is Patrol Work, Gordon Whitaker
    16. Learning the Skills of Policing, David Bayley and Egon Bittner
    Part V: Doing Police Work
    17. The Law Enforcement Response to Spouse Abuse, David Hirschel, Ira Huchison, Charles Dean, and Anne-Marie Mills
    18. Vice Isn't Nice: A Look at the Effects of Working Undercover, Mark Pogrebin and Eric Poole
    19. The Police and Drugs, Mark Moore and Mark Kleiman
    20. Police Handling of People With Mental Illness, Elizabeth Perkins and Gary Cordner
    Part VI: Ethics And Deviance
    21. Learning Police Ethics, Lawrence Sherman
    22. Drug-Related Corruption of Police Officers, David Carter
    23. Exploring Police Sexual Violence Against Women, Peter Kraska and Victor Kappeler
    24. "Fluffing Up the Evidence and Covering Your Ass": Some Conceptual Notes on Police Lying, Thomas Barker and David Carter
    Part VII: Administration and Management
    25. Developing Police Policy: An Evaluation of the Control Principle, Geoffrey Alpert and William Smith
    26. Empowering Police Officers: The Tarnished Silver Bullet?, Larry Gaines and Charles Swanson
    27. Community Policing and Police Agency Accreditation, Gary Cordner and Gerald Williams
    28. An Institutional Perspective of Policing, John Crank and Robert Langworthy
    Part VIII: Contemporary Issues
    29. Report of the Independent Commission on the Los Angeles Police Department, The Christopher Commission
    30. Police Use of Deadly Force: Research and Reform, James Fyfe
    31. Militarizing American Police: The Rise and Normalization of Paramilitary Units, Peter Kraska and Victor Kappeler
    32. Dragons and Dinosaurs: The Plight of Patrol Women, Donna Hale and Stacey Wyland

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