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Points & Counterpoints: Controversial Relationship and Family Issues in the 21st Century

An Anthology

Edited by Marilyn Coleman and Lawrence Ganong

Publication Date - 07 August 2002

ISBN: 9780195330144

272 pages
6-7/8 x 9-3/16 inches

Includes a wide range of both academic and popular essays examining numerous subjects not addressed in most marriage and family texts--such as interracial dating and marriage, age at the time of marriage, men and women as friends, licensing parents, the Internet as an aid in developing relationships, and New Social Darwinism.


Edited by noted family scholars Marilyn Coleman and Lawrence Ganong, this collection of contemporary, controversial articles is designed to develop students' critical thinking skills and to stimulate dialogue and discussion about important issues in marriage, families, and close relationships.

Editors Coleman and Ganong have selected articles that are consistently engaging, lively, and thought-provoking. These include a wide range of both academic and popular essays examining numerous subjects not addressed in most marriage and family texts--such as interracial dating and marriage, age at the time of marriage, men and women as friends, licensing parents, the Internet as an aid in developing relationships, and New Social Darwinism.

Points and Counterpoints presents balanced controversial viewpoints on:
* Relationships.
* Marriage.
* Parenting.
* Family diversity.

Each issue features an introduction to the key concepts and provides discussion questions that encourage students to synthesize the material, explore possible solutions, and develop their own positions.

Table of Contents

    Part One: Controversial Relationship Issues
    Issue 1: Does the Internet Help People Form Romantic Relationships? Is the Internet a Love Machine?
    1a. Romance in Cyberspace: Understanding Online Attraction, Alvin Cooper and Leda Sportolari
    1b. Love on the Internet?, B. Cornwell and D. C. Lundgren
    Issue 2: Are Men and Women Really From Different Planets?
    2a. Mars and Venus, Toni Schindler Zimmerman, Shelley A. Haddock, and Christine R. McGeorge
    2b. Beyond Mars and Venus: Men and Women in the Real World, Donna L. Sollie
    Issue 3: Can Men and Women Be 'Just' Friends?
    3a. 'Just Friends'? Frequency of Sexual Activity in Cross-Sex Friendships, Walid Afifi and Sandra L. Faulkner
    3b. 'I Like You... as a Friend': Attraction in Cross-Sex Friendship, Heidi M. Reeder
    Issue 4: Living Together: Preparation for Marriage or Playing at Commitment?
    4a. Living Together Is Just Playing at a Committed Relationship, Esther Crain
    4b. Living Together Is Good Preparation for Marriage and for Life, Robyn Brown
    Issue 5: Does Distance Make the Heart Grow Fonder or Go Wander? Can Long-Distance Romance Work?
    5a. Staying Close When Apart: Intimacy and Meaning in Long-Distance Dating Relationships, Joyce A. Arditti and Melissa Kauffman
    Issue 6: 'Goin' to the Chapel and....': Does Marriage Matter?
    6a. Flying Solo, Tamala M. Edwards with Tammerlin Drummond and Elizabeth Kauhnan, Anne Mofiet, Jacqueline Savaiano, and Maggie Stager ,
    Part Two: Controversial Marriage Issues
    Issue 7: When Should Women Marry?
    7a. Women Who Marry When They Are Young Will Be Happier, Danielle Crittenden
    7b. Women Should Marry When, and If, They Are Ready - Fools Rush In..., Jennifer Pozner
    Issue 8: 'I Now Pronounce You Husband and... Husband?' Legal Marriage and Same-Sex Couples
    8a. A Man and a Woman Are Needed for the 'Honorable Estate', William J. Bennett
    8b. State Has No Compelling Reason to Bar Same-Sex Unions, Scott Miller
    Issue 9: Love and Marriage Go Together Like...?
    9a. Thinking About Romantic/Erotic Love, Henry Grunebaum
    9b. Fallacies About Love and Marriage, Joseph S. Silverman
    Issue 10: Why Do Men Batter Women? Two Perspectives
    10a. Feminist Perspectives on Male Violence Against Women, Amy Marin and Nancy Felipe Russo
    10b. Family Systems Perspectives on Battering: The Importance of Context, Stephen Anderson and Margaret Schlossberg
    Part Three: Controversial Issues Regarding Parents
    Issue 11: Should Parenting Require a License?
    11a. Licensing Parents - A Controversial Cure for Crime, David T. Lykken
    11b. Toward Voluntary Parenthood, Sandra Scarr
    11c. The Outcome of Parenting: What Do We Really Know?, Judith Rich Harris
    Issue 12: Parenting by the Book - But Whose Book? Race, Ethnicity, and Parenting Styles
    12a. Race, Ethnicity, and Parenting Styles, Linda Halgunseth, Catherine Cushinberry, and Tashel Bordere
    Issue 13: 'Mama, He Says...': Children as Language Brokers for Their Parents
    13a. Language Brokering: Positive Developmental Outcomes, Linda Halgunseth
    13b. Language Brokering as a Stressor for Immigrant Children and Their Families, Adriana J. Umaña-Taylor
    13c. Language Brokering: A Personal Experience, Susan Santiago
    Issue 14: Are Companies Becoming Friendlier to Working Moms and Dads?
    14a. Being There for the Children, Carol Lippert Gray
    14b. Friendly for Whose Family?, Betty Holcomb
    14c. Watch Out for 'Family Friendly' Policies, Barbara Bergmann
    Issue 15: Does Day Care Make Children Mean? The New Debate Over Working Mothers
    15a. Denying Reality Can't Change Day Care Facts, Mona Charen
    15b. Want Better Child Care? Hire Better Caregivers, Jack Shonkoff and Deborah Phillips
    Issue 16: Do Fathers Matter?
    16a. Yes, Fathers Really Matter!, Ross Parke and Armin Brott
    16b. Are Fathers Essential? Maybe Not, Louise B. Silverstein and Carl F. Auerbach
    Issue 17: Do These Genes Look OK? The Human Genome Project and Our Future
    17a. Blessings From the Book of Life, David Stipp
    17b. Designer Genes for All?, Garland E. Allen
    Part Four: Controversial Issues Related to Family Diversity
    Issue 18: Is Love (Color) Blind?
    18a. My Life in Black and White, Susan Fales-Hill
    18b. Getting Under My Skin, Don Terry
    Issue 19: Nuclear Family Wars: The Status of American Families
    19a. Can the Nuclear Family Be Revived?, David Popenoe
    19b. The American Family Today Is Not Worse Off Than in the Past, Stephanie Coontz
    Issue 20: How Harmful Is Divorce to Children?
    20a. Staying Together for the Sake of
    the Children, Walter Kirn
    20b. Divorcing Reality, Stephanie Coontz
    Issue 21: Should Divorce Laws Be Reformed?
    21a. A Solution to America's Divorce Problem, Steven L. Nock, James D. Wright, and Laura Sanchez
    21b. Divorce Reform Won't Lower the Divorce Rate, Ashton Applewhite
    Issue 22: Are Stepparents 'Bad' for Children?
    22a. The Truth About Cinderella, Martin Daly and Margo Wilson
    22b. Was Cinderella Right? The New Social Darwinism Targets Stepparents, Mary Ann Mason
    Issue 23: Cultural Values and Caregiving
    23a. Cultural Values and Caregiving, M. Elise Radina