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Plato: A Very Short Introduction

Julia Annas

Publication Date - 15 May 2003

ISBN: 9780192802163

120 pages
4-1/2 x 7 inches

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A lively and accesible introduction to philosophy in the context of Plato's writings.


This lively and accessible book focuses on the philosophy and argument of Plato's writings, drawing the reader into Plato's way of doing philosophy and the general themes of his thinking. It discusses Plato's style of writing: his use of the dialogue form, his use of what we today call fiction, and his philosophical transformation of myths. It also looks at his discussions of love and philosophy, his attitude towards women, and towards homosexual love. It explores Plato's claim that virtue is sufficient for happiness and touches on his arguments for the immorality of the soul and his ideas about the nature of the universe.


  • Lively and original introduction to Plato, which brings out the philosophical excitement of Plato's writings
  • Reflects recent Plato scholarship
  • Makes the connection between Plato's thought and modern philosophical concerns
  • Julia Annas is one of the most important scholars of Plato, and author of a highly-respected textbook on Plato's Republic

About the Author(s)

Julia Annas is Regents Professor of Philosophy at The University of Arizona. She has published eight books and many articles on a wide variety of topics in ancient philosophy and is author of Ancient Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction.

Table of Contents

    1. Arguing with Plato
    2. Plato's name, and other matters
    3. Drama, fiction and the elusive author
    4. Love, sex, gender and philosophy
    5. Vitue in me and in my society
    6. My soul and myself
    7. The nature of things

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