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Physical Fluid Dynamics

Second Edition

D. J. Tritton

Publication Date - 03 November 1988

ISBN: 9780198544937

544 pages


This book presents the physics of incompressible flow for the benefit of students and others who need to understand fluid motion. In this new edition, much of the material is new or rewritten, but the purpose and style of the first edition are retained. Particular emphasis is given to information obtained by experiment and observation in addition to analysis of the equations of motion. The book's primary concern is to convey a fundamental understanding of the behavior of fluids in motion. Special features include an introductory non-mathematical treatment of three particular flow configurations; extensive consideration of geophysical topics; and detailed coverage of topics that are known primarily through experimental data. Numerous photographs illustrate the phenomena discussed, and a concluding chapter demonstrates the wide applicability of fluid mechanics. New topics in the second edition include double diffusive convection and modern ideas about dynamical chaos. The discussion of instabilities has been restructured and the treatments of separation and of convection in horizontal layers considerably expanded.

Previous Publication Date(s)

November 1988

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Pipe and Channel Flow
    3. Flow Past a Circular Cylinder
    4. Free Convection Between Parallel Walls
    5. Equations of Motion
    6. Further Basic Ideas
    7. Dynamical Similarity
    8. Low and High Reynolds Numbers
    9. Some Solutions of the Viscous Flow Equations
    10. Inviscid Flow
    11. Boundary Layers, Wakes, and Jets
    12. Separation and Attachment
    13. Lift
    14. Convection
    15. Stratified Flow
    16. Flow in Rotating Fluids
    17. Instabilities
    18. Transition to Turbulence in Shear Flows
    19. Turbulence
    20. Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence
    21. Turbulent Shear Flows
    22. Convection in Horizontal Layers
    23. Double Diffusive Free Convection
    24. Dynamical Chaos
    25. Experimental Methods
    26. Applications of Fluid Dynamics

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