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Physical and Chemical Kinetics

Second Edition

R. Stephen Berry, Stuart A. Rice, and John Ross

Publication Date - August 2001

ISBN: 9780195147506

276 pages
8-1/2 x 11 inches


Physical and Chemical Kinetics concludes the three-volume set of Physical Chemistry, Second Edition, by R. Stephen Berry, Stuart A. Rice, and John Ross (OUP 2000). With the same precision and efficiency as the other two volumes, Physical and Chemical Kinetics discusses the elements of physical and chemical kinetics and presents advanced discussions of unimolecular reactions, kinetics of photochemically induced reactions, chain reactions, nonlinear phenomena, fluctuations in chemical kinetics, symmetry rules for chemical reactions, catalysis, and the kinetics of electrode reactions. Up-to-date and thorough, this valuable reference provides the cutting-edge information and theory that today's students and researchers need to understand past scientific accomplishments as well as to make future contributions to the field of physical chemistry.

Previous Publication Date(s)

May 1980

Table of Contents

    27. Molecular Motion and Collisions
    27.1. Kinematics
    27.2. Forces and Potentials
    27.3. Collision Dynamics
    27.4. Types of Collisions
    27.5. Scattering Cross Sections
    27.6. Elastic Scattering of Hard Spheres
    27.7. Elastic Scattering of Atoms
    27.8. Quantum Mechanical Scattering
    28. The Kinetic Theory of Gases
    28.1. Distribution Functions
    28.2. Collision Frequency in a Dilute Gas
    28.3. The Evolution of Velocity Distributions in Time
    28.4. The Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution
    28.5. Collision Frequency for Hard-Sphere Molecules
    28.6. Molecular Fluxes of Density, Momentum Density, and Energy Density
    28.7. Effusion
    28.8. Transport Properties of Gases
    28.9. Energy Exchange Processes
    28.10. Sound Propagation and Absorption
    29. The Kinetic Theory of Dense Phases
    29.1. Transport Properties in Dense Fluids
    29.2. Some Basic Aspects of Brownian Motion
    29.3. Stochastic Approach to Transport
    29.4. Autocorrelation Functions and Transport Coefficients
    29.5. Transport in Solids
    29.6. Electrical Conductivity in Electrolyte Solutions
    30. Chemical Kinetics
    30.1. General Concepts of Kinetics
    30.2. Interactions between Reactive Molecules
    Vignette: Quantum Mechanical Computations of Potential Energy Hypersurfaces, by H.F. Schaefer III
    30.3. Collisions between Reactive Molecules
    Vignette: Femtochemistry--Reaction Dynamics with Atomic Resolution, by A.H. Zewail
    30.4. Hard-Sphere Collision Theory: Reactive Cross Sections
    30.5. Hard-Sphere Collision Theory: The Rate Coefficient
    30.6. Activated-Complex Theory
    Vignette: Present- Day View of Transition State Theory, by D.G. Truhlar
    30.7. Activated-Complex Theory: Thermodynamic Interpretation
    30.8. Theory of Reaction Kinetics in Solution
    Vignette: Kramers' Theory of Reactions in Solutions, by M.O. Vlad and J. Ross
    Vignette: Chemical Reactions in Condensed Phases, by P.G. Wolynes
    30.9. Linear Free-Energy Relationships
    30.10. Experimental Methods in Kinetics
    30.11. Analysis of Data for Complex Reactions
    30.12. Mechanisms of Chemical Reactions
    30.13. Bimolecular Reactions
    Vignette: Electron Transfer Reactions, by R.A. Marcus
    30.14. Unimolecular Reactions
    30.15. Termolecular Reactions
    31. Some Advanced Topics in Chemical Kinetics
    31.1. More about Unimolecular Reactions
    31.2. Kinetics of Photochemically Induced Reactions
    31.3. Chain Reactions
    31.4. Nonlinear Phenomena
    31.5. Fluctuations in Chemical Kinetics
    31.6. Symmetry Rules for Chemical Reactions
    31.7. Introduction to Catalysis
    31.8. Enzyme Catalysis
    31.9. Acid-Base Catalysis
    31.10. Metal-Ion Complex and Other Types of Homogeneous Catalysis
    31.11. Heterogeneous Reactions: Adsorption of Gas on a Surface
    31.12. Heterogeneous Catalysis
    31.13. Kinetics of Electrode Reactions (a Vignette by C.E.D. Chidsey)
    Vignette: Applications of Physical Chemistry: A Biological Example, by B. Eisenberg
    I. Systems of Units
    II. Partial Derivatives
    III. Glossary of Symbols
    IV. Searching the Scientific Literature

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