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Optical Electronics in Modern Communications

Sixth Edition

Amnon Yariv and Pochi Yeh

Publication Date - January 2006

ISBN: 9780195179460

850 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

Extensively revised and updated to keep pace with the unprecedented development in optical electronics.


Due to its central role in modern communications technologies, photonics--or optical electronics--has evolved dynamically over the last ten years. Photonics by Amnon Yariv and Pochi Yeh is extensively revised and updated to keep pace with this unprecedented development. Now more tailored to optical communication, the sixth edition integrates material on generating and manipulating optical radiation and designing photonic components for the transmission of information. It also presents a broader theoretical underpinning and more explanations of mathematical derivations than the previous edition.

The text describes the basic physics and principles of operation of major photonic components in optical communications and electronics. These components include optical resonators, various lasers, waveguides, optical fibers, gratings, and photonic crystals. photonics, Sixth Edition, also covers the transmission, modulation, amplification, and detection of optical beams in optical networks, as well as nonlinear optical effects in fibers. It assumes a background in electromagnetic theory, Maxwell's equations, and electromagnetic wave propagation.

Including numerous examples throughout, Photonics, Sixth Edition, is ideal for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in photonics, optoelectronics, or optical communications. It is also a useful reference for practicing engineers and scientists.

New Material in the Sixth Edition

  • Stokes Parameters and Poincaré Sphere: polarization states in birefringent optical networks, principal states of polarization
  • Fermat's Principle: rays, beam propagation, and the Fresnel diffraction integral
  • Matrix Formulation: wave propagation in multi-cavity etalons, multi-layer structures, mode coupling, and supermodes in mode-locked lasers
  • Dispersion: chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) in fibers and their compensation
  • Coupled Resonators Optical Waveguides (CROWs): matrix formulation, critical coupling and dispersion relation
  • Nonlinear Optical Effects in Fibers: self-phase modulation, cross-phase modulation, stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS), stimulated Raman scattering (SRS), optical four-wave mixing, and spectral reversal (phase conjugation)
  • Electroabsorption: waveguide electro-optic Mach-Zehnder modulators
  • Photonic Crystals: Bloch wave formulation, photonic bands, photonic bandgaps, periodic layered media, fiber Bragg gratings, and Bragg reflection waveguides
  • Optical Amplifiers: SOA, EDFA, and Raman

  • About the Author(s)

    Amnon Yariv is Martin and Eileen Summerfeld Professor of Applied Physics at the California Institute of Technology.

    Pochi Yeh is Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

    Previous Publication Date(s)

    March 1997
    January 1991
    January 1989


    "It moves the debate forward in diverse and original ways." - Anne Schwenkenbecher, Australasian Journal of Philosophy

    Table of Contents

      1. Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
      2. Rays and Optical Beams
      3. Dielectric Waveguides and Optical Fibers
      4. Optical Resonators
      5. Interaction of Radiation and Atomic Systems
      6. Theory of Laser Oscillation and Some Specific Laser Systems
      7. Chromatic Dispersion and Polarization Mode Dispersion in Fibers
      8. Nonlinear Optics
      9. Electro-Optics and AO modulators
      10. Noise in Optical Detection and Generation
      11. Detection of Optical Radiation
      12. Periodic Structures
      13. Waveguide Coupling
      14. Nonlinear Optical Effects in Fibers
      15. Semiconductor Lasers
      16. Advanced Semiconductor Lasers
      17. Optical Amplifiers
      18. Classical Treatment of Quantum Optics, Quantum Noise, and Squeezing
      A. Wave Equation in Cylindrical Coordinates and Bessel Functions
      B. Exact Solutions of the Step-Index Circular Waveguide
      C. Kramers-Kronig Relations
      D. Transformation of a Coherent Electromagnetic Field by a Thin Lens
      E. Fermi Level and its Temperature Dependence
      F. Electro-optic Effect in Cubic 43m Crystals
      G. Conversion for Power Units and Attenuation Units

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