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Philosophy, Politics, Autonomy

Essays in Political Philosophy

Cornelius Castoriadis

Publication Date - 05 September 1991

ISBN: 9780195069631

320 pages
5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches


These remarkable essays include Cornelius Castoriadis's latest contributions to philosophy, political and social theory, classical studies, development theory, cultural criticism, science, and ecology. Examining the "co-birth" in ancient Greece of philosophy and politics, Castoriadis shows how the Greeks' radical questioning of established ideas and institutions gave rise to the "project of autonomy". The "end of philosophy" proclaimed by Postmodernism would mean the end of this project. That end is now hastened by the lethal expansion of technoscience, the waning of political and social conflict, and the resignation of intellectuals who blindly defend Western culture as it is or who merely denounce or "deconstruct" it as it has been. Discussing and criticizing Plato, Aristotle, Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, Weber, Heidegger, and Habermas, the author of The Imaginary Institution of Society and Crossroads in the Labyrinth poses a radical challenge to our inherited philosophy.

Table of Contents

    1. Intellectuals and History
    2. The "End of Philosophy"?
    3. The Social-Historical: Mode of Being, Problems of Knowledge
    4. Individual, Society, Rationality, History
    5. The Greek Polis and the Creation of Democracy
    6. The Nature and Value of Equality
    7. Power, Politics, Autonomy
    8. Reflections on "Rationality" and "Development"; Presentation and Response to Critics
    9. The Crisis of Culture and the State
    10. Dead End?

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