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Philosophy of Mind

A Guide and Anthology

Edited by John Heil

Publication Date - January 2004

ISBN: 9780199253838

936 pages


Edited by a renowned scholar in the field, this anthology provides a comprehensive and self-contained introduction to the philosophy of mind. Featuring an extensive and varied collection of fifty classical and contemporary readings, it also offers substantial section introductions--which set the extracts in context and guide readers through them--discussion questions, and guides to further reading. Ideal for undergraduate courses, the book is organized into twelve sections, providing instructors with flexibility in designing and teaching a variety of courses.


  • Combines 50 classic writings on the subject with clear and accessible editorial material (amounting to 130 pages in total)
  • Substantial, broad-ranging general introduction
  • Detailed introductions to each of the eleven parts of the book
  • Discussion questions and further reading at the end of each part stimulate the student and make this book ideal for course use and seminar discussion

About the Author(s)

John Heil is Paul B. Freeland Professor of Philosophy at Davidson College and Professor of Philosophy at Monash University. He has taught or held research appointments at Brown University, the University of Rochester, Cornell University, the National Humanities Center, Virginia Commonwealth University and Randolph-Macon Woman's College.

Table of Contents

    General Introduction
    1 Historical Background
    1. Extract from Phaedo, Plato
    2. Extract from De Anima, Aristotle
    3. Extract from Meditations II & VI, Descartes
    4. Extract from An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, John Locke
    5. Extract from An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, John Locke
    2 Behaviorism and Mind-Brain Identity
    6. The Logical Analysis of Psychology, Carl Hempel
    7. Brains and Behavior, Hilary Putnam
    8. Mind and Body, R. J. Hirst
    9. Sensations and Brain Processes, J. J. C. Smart
    10. Naming and Necessity, Saul Kripke
    3 Artificial Intelligence
    11. Computing Machinery and Intelligence, Alan M. Turing
    12. Minds, Brains, and Programs, John Searle
    13. Escaping from the Chinese Room, Margaret A. Boden
    14. The Mind as Software in the Brain, Ned Block
    4 Functionalism
    15. An Argument for the Identity Theory, David Lewis
    16. The Mind-Body Problem, Jerry Fodor
    17. Psychological Predicates, Hilary Putnam
    18. What is Functionalism, Ned Block
    5 Interpretationism
    19. Radical Interpretation, Donald Davidson
    20. Three Kinds of Intentional Psychology, Daniel Dennett
    21. Thought and Talk, Donald Davidson
    22. Replication and Functionalism, Jane Heal
    23. Autonomous Psychology and the Belief-Desire Thesis, Stephen Stich
    24. Eliminative Materialism and the Propositional Attitudes, Paul Churchland
    25. The Threat of Cognitive Suicide, Lynne Rudder Baker
    6 Externalism and Mental Content
    26. Individualism and the Mental, Tyler Burge
    27. Brains in Vats, Hilary Putnam
    28. Are We Brains in a Vat? Top Philosopher Says, "No"!, John Heil
    29. Mental Content, Jaegwon Kim
    7 Subjectivity and Self-Knowledge
    30. What is it Like to be a Bat?, Thomas Nagel
    31. Could Love be Like a Heatwave?, Janet Levin
    32. Knowing One's Own Mind, Donald Davidson
    33. Individualism and Self-Knowledge, Tyler Burge
    34. Anti-Individualism and the Privileged Access, Michael McKinsey
    8 Consciousness
    35. What is Consciousness?, D. M. Armstrong
    36. Facing up to the Problem of Consciousness, David Chalmers
    37. The Intrinsic Quality of Experience, Gilbert Harman
    38. Precis of Ten Problems of Consciousness, Michael Tye
    39. Is Experiencing Just Representing?, Ned Block
    9 Reduction
    40. Mental Events, Donald Davidson
    41. Extract from The Irreducibility of Consciousness, John Searle
    42. The Metaphysics of Irreducibility, Derek Pereboom and Hilary Kornblith
    43. Multiple Realization and the Metaphysics of Reduction, Jaegwon Kim
    10 Is the Mind-Body Problem Solvable?
    44. Epiphenomenal Qualia, Frank Jackson
    45. Materialism and Qualia, Joseph Levine
    46. Can We Solve the Mind-Body Problem?, Colin McGinn
    11 Challenges to Contemporary Materialism
    47. The Succinct Case for Materialism, John Foster
    48. Difficulties with Physicalism and a Programme for Dualists, Peter Forrest
    49. Non-Cartesian Dualism, E. J. Lowe
    50. Remarks on the Mind-Body Question, E. Wigner