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Philosophy of Mind

Classical and Contemporary Readings

Second Edition

David J. Chalmers

Publication Date - January 2021

ISBN: 9780190085759

768 pages

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The best-selling and most comprehensive anthology of its kind.


Philosophy of Mind: Classical and Contemporary Readings, Second Edition, is a grand tour of writings on the nature of the mind. This comprehensive collection has 79 selections that range from the classical contributions of Descartes and Avicenna to the leading edge of contemporary debates. Seven major sections cover foundational issues, consciousness, content, perception, self-knowledge and other minds, the self, and artificial intelligence. Each section opens with an introduction by the editor.

New to this Edition

  • New sections on perception, epistemology of mind, the self, and artificial intelligence
  • Coverage of a wider range of philosophical traditions, with articles drawn from African philosophy, Indian philosophy, and Islamic philosophy, as well as from more recent traditions in experimental philosophy, feminist philosophy, and phenomenology


  • Includes both classical articles that make up much of the standard history of the field, and contemporary articles that represent the leading edge of contemporary debates
  • The author introduces each of the major sections, giving relevant background for the material in those sections, and giving pointers for further reading
  • Unparelled representation of the diversity and vibracy of the field

About the Author(s)

David Chalmers is Professor of Philosophy and co-director of the Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness at NYU. He is Honorary Professor of Philosophy at the Australian National University and co-director of the PhilPapers Foundation. He is the author of The Conscious Mind (OUP 1997), Metametaphysics (OUP 2009), The Character of Consciousness (OUP 2010), and Constructing the World (OUP 2012).


"The volume is comprehensive and the selection of classic pieces - including contemporary, 20th century classics - is terrific. I am able to teach material in the order I prefer and I can be sure to find the appropriate reading in this anthology. The Chalmers volume lends itself to tailoring the course syllabus to the needs of the instructor. Moreover, it is the only anthology that I don't have to supplement with handouts or a reading packet, and that is very attractive." Joe Cruz, Williams College

"The book is clearly a high quality book, and the selections in it have clearly been thoughtfully selected and organized. It has excellent breadth - perhaps the best breadth of any of the anthologies on the market that I am familiar with." Amy Kind, Claremont McKenna College

"I think this is the best anthology on the market. It's very comprehensive, while at the same time not being too bulky." -Michelle Montague, University of Bristol

"It is in my view the best anthology available on core topics in Mind." Bill Brewer, University of Warwick

Table of Contents


    A. Dualism.

    1. Meditations on First Philosophy (II and VI).
    René Descartes

    2. Passions of the Soul (Excerpt).
    René Descartes

    3. Correspondence
    Princess Elisabeth & René Descartes

    4. The Akan Concept of a Person
    Kwame Gyekye

    5. On the Soul: The Floating Man (Excerpt)

    6. On the Hypothesis that Animals are Automata, and Its History (Excerpt)
    Thomas Huxley

    7. An Unfortunate Dualist.
    Raymond M. Smullyan

    B. Behaviorism

    8. Descartes' Myth.
    Gilbert Ryle.

    9. The Logical Analysis of Psychology
    Carl G. Hempel

    10. Brains and Behavior.
    Hilary Putnam

    C. The identity theory and functionalism

    11. Sensations And Brain Processes.
    J.J.C. Smart.

    12. The Nature of Mental States.
    Hilary Putnam.

    13. The Causal Theory of the Mind
    David M. Armstrong

    14. Mad Pain and Martian Pain
    David Lewis

    15. Troubles with Functionalism (Excerpt)
    Ned Block

    16. Pseudonormal Vision: An Actual Case of Qualia Inversion'
    Martine Nida-Rümelin

    D. Other Psychophysical Relations

    17. Mental Events
    Donald Davidson

    18. Special Sciences.
    Jerry A. Fodor

    19. Finding the Mind in the Natural World
    Frank Jackson

    20. The Many Problems of Mental Causation (Excerpt)
    Jaegwon Kim

    21. Emergentisms, Ancient and Modern (Excerpt)
    Jonardon Ganeri

    22. Post-Physicalism
    Barbara Montero


    A. General

    23. Concepts of consciousness
    Ned Block

    24. What Is It Like To Be A Bat?
    Thomas Nagel

    25. Quining Qualia
    Daniel C Dennett

    26. Explaining Consciousness
    David Rosenthal

    27. Visual Qualia and Visual Content Revisited
    Michael Tye

    28. Illusionism as a Theory of Consciousness
    Keith Frankish

    B. Consciousness and materialism

    29. Consciousness and its Place in Nature
    David J. Chalmers

    30. Epiphenomenal Qualia
    Frank Jackson

    31. What Experience Teaches
    David Lewis

    32. Naming and necessity (Excerpt)
    Saul A. Kripke

    33. Acquaintance and the Mind-Body problem.
    Katalin Balog

    34. Is Matter Conscious?
    Hedda Hassel Mørch


    A. The Nature of Intentionality

    35. Mental and Physical Phenomena (Excerpt)
    Franz Brentano

    36. “Intentional Inexistence”
    Roderick M. Chisholm

    37. A Recipe for Thought
    Fred Dretske

    38. Of Sensory Systems and the "Aboutness" of Mental States.
    Kathleen Akins

    39. Biosemantics
    Ruth Millikan

    40. Inferentialism and Some of its Challenges
    Robert M. Brandom

    41. The Intentionality of Phenomenology and the Phenomenology of Intentionality Terence Horgan & John M. Tienson

    B. Propositional Attitudes

    42. Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind (Excerpt)
    Wilfrid Sellars

    43. Propositional Attitudes
    Jerry A. Fodor

    44. True Believers: The Intentional Strategy and Why It Works
    Daniel C. Dennett

    45. Eliminative Materialism and the Propositional Attitudes.
    Paul M. Churchland

    46. Alief and Belief
    Tamar Gendler

    C. Internalism, externalism, and embodiment

    47. The Meaning Of "Meaning" (Excerpt)
    Hilary Putnam

    48. Individualism And The Mental (Excerpt)
    Tyler Burge

    49. The Extended Mind
    Andy Clark and David J. Chalmers

    50. Overextending the Mind?
    Brie Gertler

    51. The Embodied Mind
    Shaun Gallagher and Dan Zahavi


    52. The Argument From Illusion (Excerpt)
    A.J. Ayer

    53. Sense and Sensibilia (Excerpt)
    J.L. Austin

    54. The “Sensation” as a Unit of Experience
    Maurice Merleau-Ponty

    55. The Intentionality of Sensation: A Grammatical Feature.
    G. E. M. Anscombe

    56. The Limits of Self-Awareness (Excerpt)
    M.G.F. Martin

    57. Is The Visual World A Grand Illusion?
    Alva Noë

    58. Which Properties Are Represented In Perception?
    Susanna Siegel


    59. How Do You Know You're Not a Zombie?
    Fred Dretske

    60. Introspection (excerpts)
    Alex Byrne

    61. The Unreliability of Naive Introspection
    Eric Schwitzgebel

    62. What You Can't Expect When You're Expecting.
    L.A. Paul

    63. Analogy
    Bertrand Russell

    64. Intuitions About Consciousness: Experimental Studies
    Joshua Knobe and Jesse Prinz

    65. On Being an Octopus
    Peter Godfrey-Smith


    66. The Sense of the Self
    Galen Strawson

    67. Non-Self: Empty Persons (Excerpt)
    Mark Siderits

    68. I am John's Brain
    Andy Clark

    69. The Brain and Its Self
    Patricia S. Churchland

    70. Reductionism and Personal Identity
    Derek Parfit

    71. Learning to Be Me
    Greg Egan

    72. Feminism in Philosophy of Mind: The Question of Personal Identity
    Susan James

    73. Talking Identity
    Kwame Anthony Appiah


    74. They're Made of Meat
    Terry Bisson

    75. Computing Machinery And Intelligence (Excerpt)
    Alan Turing.

    76. Minds, Brains, and Programs.
    John R. Searle

    77. The Singularity: A Philosophical Analysis (Excerpt)
    David J. Chalmers

    78. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
    Nick Bostrom and Eliezer Yudkowsky

    79. How Philosophy of Mind Can Shape the Future.
    Susan Schneider and Pete Mandik