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People of the Covenant

An Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

Fourth Edition

Henry Jackson Flanders, Jr., Robert W. Crapps, and David A. Smith

Publication Date - 22 February 1996

ISBN: 9780195093704

576 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


Fully revised and updated using contemporary literary approaches and the most recent historical scholarship, this introduction to the Hebrew Bible provides a thorough and coherent approach to the basic human issues of the Scriptures. It emphasizes the meanings that the Hebrews gave to persons and events in their attempts to manage life's struggles, and provides textual aids that help students understand these ideas and apply them to contemporary issues. After an initial presentation on the nature of biblical literature, the Book of Genesis is treated as a theological prelude to Israel's story. Subsequent chapters are organized around epochs in Hebrew life. Throughout the book the authors stress the human issues at stake in Israel's memory and the preservation of its history, and how circumstances and thought influenced the Hebrew perceptions and understanding of God.
Accessible and stimulating to students of the Hebrew Bible with a wide range of academic and religious backgrounds, People of the Covenant is grounded in the best scholarly methodologies, respect for the rich literary values of the Hebrew Bible, and concern for its enduring religious relevance.

Previous Publication Date(s)

March 1988


"One of the best introductions to the Hebrew bible available today to theological students. [It] offers a clear theological and historical presentation of the history of Israel. The easy narrative style and the insightful presentation of the content and message of the biblical books stimulate students to read the book and participate in a dialogue with the writers. I have used People of the Covenant for more than ten years as a primary text in my classes and I welcome the arrival of a fourth edition."--Claude F. Mariottini, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary--Lombar

"A useful introductory text for students who wish to pursue a critical approach to the Hebrew Bible. The authors have written clearly but cogently. The glossary and bibliographies and other suggested readings will prove to be very helpful. The fourth edition of this work reveals that it has been carefully updated."--John F. Craghan, St. Norbert College

Table of Contents

    1. Structure and Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible
    2. Setting the Stage
    3. Israel's Theology of Beginnings
    4. Israel's Patriarchs and Matriarchs
    5. The Exodus and the Sinai Covenant
    6. Possessing the Land
    7. United Monarchy: Rise of the Davidic Covenant
    8. Divided Monarchy: Zion vs Sinai
    9. The Prophetic Word
    10. Israel's Eighth Century Prophets
    11. Judah's Struggle for Survival
    12. Judah's Last Days: From Heights to Depths
    13. The Exile: Covenant Community Rediscovered
    14. Covenant Community Restored
    15. The Emergence of Judaism
    Suggestions for Further Study
    General Bibliography
    Author Index
    Subject Index