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Pennsylvania Hall

A 'Legal Lynching' in the Shadow of the Liberty Bell

Beverly C. Tomek

Publication Date - November 2013

ISBN: 9780199837601

224 pages
5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

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Retail Price to Students: $19.95

The story of Pennsylvania Hall is the story of American antislavery in microcosm


Offering a gripping narrative of one of the most notorious anti-abolition and anti-black riots to take place in the antebellum U.S., Pennsylvania Hall: A 'Legal Lynching' in the Shadow of the Liberty Bell provides a thorough explanation of the complexities of American antislavery and describes a society that was struggling to recreate itself in the wake of emancipation. Part of the Critical Historical Encounters series, Pennsylvania Hall focuses on the differences between gradual and immediate emancipation and the complexities of "immediatism." After describing the tensions between competing abolition camps, author Beverly Tomek examines the way in which the Garrisonian branch of the movement used the press effectively to shape both the contemporary and historical narrative. She demonstrates how Pennsylvania--the birthplace of American abolition--remained relevant to the cause. Illustrating the complexity of the Abolition movement in the North and how internal struggles hampered the movements' goals, Pennsylvania Hall's strong narrative style provides an in-depth analysis while remaining approachable for students.

About the Author(s)

Beverly C. Tomek is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Houston-Victoria.

Table of Contents

    1. Pennsylvania's Antislavery Background
    2. Free Produce and the Origins of Modern Abolition
    3. A Biracial Movement for Immediate Emancipation
    4. Radicalism in the Gradualist City
    5. A "Temple of Liberty" or A "Temple of Amalgamation"?
    6. An Amalgamation Wedding
    7. This "Tabernacle of Mischief and Fanaticism"
    8. Free Speech "Consumed in a Blue Blaze"
    9. Aftershocks
    10. A "Legal Lynching" and the Martyrdom of Pennsylvania Hall

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