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Paste Flow and Extrusion

John Benbow and John Bridgwater

Publication Date - July 1993

ISBN: 9780198563389

176 pages

Retail Price to Students: $244.99


Formation of products by paste flow and extrusion occurs in a multitude of industries, including the manufacture of ceramics, foods, and pharmaceuticals. Based on 25 years of research and industrial experience, this invaluable text is the first to demonstrate a scientific means of approaching the design and operation of paste flow products and processes. It will be invaluable to suppliers and users of paste flow methods who seek to develop new or upgrade older processes. With an emphasis on both theory and practice, all types of equipment are considered, with particular emphasis given to paste characterization and die design. This book will be welcomed by researchers, students, and teachers of chemical and ceramic engineering, food technology, and materials science and technology, as well as by technical specialists in the areas of application.

Table of Contents

    1. Paste Extrusion and Other Processes
    2. Types of Extruder
    3. Fundamentals of Paste Flow
    4. Laboratory Evaluation Methods
    5. Paste Formulation
    6. Flow Defects and Phase Migration
    7. Die Design and Construction
    8. Screw Extruders
    9. An Overview
    10. Worked Example