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Parallel Gospels

A Synopsis of Early Christian Writing

Zeba A. Crook

Publication Date - 11 November 2011

ISBN: 9780199739417

362 pages
8-1/2 x 11 inches

The first English-language Gospel Synopsis in twenty years--with uniquely literal translations of the original Greek


Parallel Gospels: A Synopsis of Early Christian Writing is an indispensable guide that enables readers to examine more easily how and where the early Christian gospels--Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Thomas, and Q--agree and disagree. Using his own unique approach to translating the original Greek texts into English, Zeba A. Crook offers the most literal, word-for-word translation available, helping readers to compare the structure, order, style, theology, and vocabulary of each gospel with the others.


* The word-for-word translation (one English word for every Greek word) allows readers who are not proficient in ancient languages to accurately compare the various versions of the gospels

* A detailed Introduction explains the purpose of this book, while a "How to Read a Synopsis" section outlines how to use it

* Synoptic Study Guides clarify and expand on concepts covered in the gospels and in biblical scholarship

* A Glossary of Greek Terms enables students to look up every English word in the translation and find the Greek word behind it

Ideal for university and seminary courses in the New Testament, the Gospels, the historical Jesus, and Christian origins/early Christianity, Parallel Gospels is also an invaluable resource for clergy and interested lay readers.


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About the Author(s)

Zeba A. Crook is Associate Professor in Religious Studies at Carleton University. He is the author or editor of several books and many articles in New Testament Studies and Christian Origins, and sits on the executive and steering committees of several scholarly societies.


"Parallel Gospels is a superb achievement which, in a single stroke, addresses the numerous problems of translation, formatting, and arrangement that have plagued current English synopses. It is a tool that is optimally useful. I don't see any feature of either Aland or Throckmorton that should incline the instructor to keep using them once Crook is available (except, of course, inertia)."--John S. Kloppenborg, University of Toronto

Table of Contents

    How to Read a Synopsis
    Synopsis Outlineptic Study Guides
    Index of Pericope Headings
    Prologues & Infancy Narratives
    Synoptic Study Guide 1. Source Criticism/Synoptic Problem
    The Start of the Galilean Ministry
    Synoptic Study Guide 2. Two-Document Hypothesis
    Synoptic Study Guide 3. Double Tradition/Reconstruction of Q
    Synoptic Study Guide 4. Triple Tradition
    Matthew's Sermon on the Mount
    Synoptic Study Guide 5. The Griesbach/Two-Gospel Hypothesis
    Synoptic Study Guide 6. Problems with the Two Gospel/Griesbach Hypothesis
    The Galilean Ministry Continues
    Luke's Sermon on the Plain
    The Galilean Ministry Continues Again
    Synoptic Study Guide 7. Farrer Hypothesis/Mark without Q
    Synoptic Study Guide 8. Mark-Q Overlaps
    Synoptic Study Guide 9. Problems with the 2DH: Minor Agreements
    Synoptic Study Guide 10. Special Matthew
    Luke's Journey Towards Jerusalem
    Synoptic Study Guide 11. Special Luke
    Jesus' Ministry in Judea
    Synoptic Study Guide 12. Redaction Criticism
    Jesus in Jerusalem
    Synoptic Study Guide 13. Gospel of Thomas and the Synoptics
    The Passion Narratives
    Synoptic Study Guide 14. John's Relationship to the Synoptics
    Synoptic Study Guide 15. Problems with the 2DH: Major Minor Agreements?
    Resurrection Narratives
    Synoptic Study Guide 16. Problems with the Farrer Hypothesis
    Synoptic Study Guide 17. The End of Mark
    Vocabulary Key