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Oxford Latin Course, College Edition

Grammar, Exercises, Context

Maurice Balme and James Morwood

Publication Date - 10 February 2012

ISBN: 9780199862962

352 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

The acclaimed Oxford Latin Course, now in a streamlined, two-volume edition ideal for American college students


Adapted to better meet the needs of American college students, The Oxford Latin Course, College Edition, retains its trademark reading-based approach, but does so now in two companion volumes--Readings and Vocabulary and Grammar, Exercises, Context--that cover all of the topics essential to a first-year Latin course.


* Streamlined organization that focuses more closely on the life of the Roman poet Horace

* Additional and more robust grammar explanations

* Revised cartoons--completely redrawn for a college audience--that illustrate grammar points and provide students with "visual vignettes"

* A revised narrative that corresponds to customary U.S. usage and Americanized spelling

* A Companion Website at www.oup.com/us/morwood containing grammar and syntax drills, flashcards for vocabulary review, phonetic pronunciations, and instructional materials

About the Author(s)

Maurice Balme is the former Head of Classics at Harrow. He is the coauthor of Athenaze, the #1 book in the US for first-year courses in Greek, and the author of many other books.

James Morwood has been a Lecturer of Classics at Wadham College, Oxford, since 1996. Before that, he taught Classics for 30 years at Harrow.


"Congratulations on hitting just the right approach to making a very enjoyable set of Latin texts more functional for college teaching."--Robert Luginbill, University of Louisville

"This new and improved version of the Oxford Latin Course is better suited for today's college students. It is a reading-approach text that also has an excellent grammar component."--Victor Leuci, Westminster College

"Across the board, students ask for more history and culture in Latin class, and this book gives them exactly that. The running story, cultural essays, and actual Latin readings will hold their interest much more effectively than random sentences and vocabulary."--Zoe Kontes, Kenyon College

"I am favorably impressed by the new cartoons. They are drawn in a style that most college students will find compelling."--David Christenson, University of Arizona

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Scintilla in casa laborat
    Verbs: transitive & intransitive; 1st conjugation, 3rd sing.; est; pl complement; nouns & adjectives: 1st declension sing. nom. & acc.
    Chapter 2. Quintus Flaccum iuuat
    Nouns & adjs 2nd declension nom. & acc. sing. & plural; gender: masc., fem. and neuter; agreement of adjs; verbs: 3rd plural -- all conjugations
    Chapter 3. Nundinae
    Verbs: all persons; prepositions with acc. and abl. (in, ad, a/ab, e/ex)
    Nundinae and Farming
    Chapter 4. Ludus Flaui
    Infinitives and imperatives; vocative; possum, eo; compound verbs; adverbs; questions
    Chapter 5. Flauius fabulam narrat
    3rd declension, nouns and adjectives; genitives of first three declensions; some uses of the genitive and ablative
    The Iliad
    Chapter 6. Graeci Troiam capiunt
    Dative case; complete declensions 1,2,3; ego, tu, nos, uos; uolo, nolo
    Virgil's Aeneid
    Chapter 7. Polyphemus
    Declensions 4 & 5; review of all five declensions; pronouns -- is, ille, hic, ipse
    Homer and Virgil
    Chapter 8. Aeneas in Africa
    Subordinate clauses, including relatives; reflexives
    Chapter 9. Infelix Dido
    Comprehension Exercise
    Chapter 10. Comitia
    Imperfect and perfect tenses
    Chapter 11. Quintus Romam aduenit
    Pluperfect tense; more perfect stems and the meaning of the perfect; numerals 1-10, expressions of time and place; locative case
    Chapter 12. Ludus Orbili
    More perfect endings; fero; uses of the ablative case
    Greece and Rome
    Chapter 13. Marcus Quintum domum suam inuitat
    Comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs; more perfect stems
    Chapter 14. Caesaris triumphi
    Present participle; further uses of the ablative case; more perfect stems
    The Roman Triumph
    Chapter 15. Idus Martiae
    The future tense, the future perfect tense; more perfect stems
    The End of the Republic
    Chapter 16. Caesaris funus
    Passive voice; perfect passive participle & indicative; future perfect passive; pluperfect passive; future participle (active)
    Chapter 17. Athenis
    Present, future, & imperfect passive
    Stoic and Epicurean
    Chapter 18. Brutus Athenas aduenit
    Comprehension Exercise
    Chapter 19. Horatius Delphos uisit
    The subjunctive mood, the present subjunctive; the jussive subjunctive; purpose clauses; sequence of tenses; indirect commands
    Chapter 20. Horatius militat
    Passive forms of subjunctive; pluperfect subjunctives active and passive; deponent verbs; passive infinitives and imperatives
    The Roman Army
    Chapter 21. Philippi
    Ablative absolute
    Brutus and Cassius
    Chapter 22. Horatius ad Italiam redit
    Indirect questions; the perfect subjunctive; semi-deponent verbs
    The Confiscations
    Chapter 23. Horatius Romam redit
    Indirect statement; all infinitives active and passive
    Latin Poetry
    Chapter 24. Horatius carmina scribit
    Result clauses
    Chapter 25. Horatius Maecenati commendatur
    Summary of uses of ut cum and dum
    Chapter 26. Horatius iter Brundisium facit
    Conditional clauses
    Chapter 27. Maecenas poetas fouet
    Gerunds and gerundives
    Vixi puellis
    Chapter 28. Horatius rusticus fit
    Impersonal verbs; impersonal use of passive; subjunctive in main clauses
    Patrons and Clients
    Chapter 29. Augustus
    Verbs of fearing; connecting relative
    Chapter 30. Horatius amicus fit principis
    Predicative dative; relative with the subjunctive
    Some Glimpses of Augustus
    Chapter 31. Indomita mors
    Comprehension Exercise
    Appendix 1. Continuous Indirect Speech
    Appendix 2. Uses of the Indicative and the Subjunctive
    Appendix 3. Quin and quominus
    Glossary of Grammatical Terms
    Metrical Appendix
    Reference Grammar
    English-Latin Vocabulary