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Organizational Psychology

Foundations and Applications

Robert Lawson and Zheng Shen

Publication Date - 28 August 1997

ISBN: 9780195110692

288 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches


Organizational Psychology provides an overarching framework for understanding, managing, and working with and within global organizations. The text develops and emphasizes a transcultural approach to the study of organizational psychology and promotes the understanding of a wide variety of people within different organizations by identifying both the common features and those which make people, groups, and organizations unique. The text emphasizes the need to balance the forces of the global market place with the concomitant forces and mandates of the local environment in which the organization is a community member. The text presents user friendly methods for studying organizations, and analyzes eight key organizational processes applicable to all global organizations, and discusses the theory, empirical data, and applied strategies for each.
The processes include organizational culture; work force diversity; group dynamics; individual and organizational motivation; leadership, power, and politics; decision making; conflict and negotiation; individual development; and organizational development. Each chapter begins with an introduction and learning objectives, then presents a theoretical framework for each major topic, including related empirical findings and specific applied interventions for a variety of organizational situations. Organizational Psychology is informative, engaging, and the content is highly applicable to all real life organizational situations and problems. The text is ideal for undergraduates and graduate courses in organizational psychology, and serves as an excellent companion to a variety of specialized periodical readings. Given its global scope, it will be of interest to psychology, business, sociology, and political science students and practitioners seeking an enhanced understanding of both the global marketplace and global organizations.

Table of Contents

    SECTION 1 -- People
    1. An Introduction to Organizational Psychology
    2. Nature of Organizations and Methods of Study
    3. Organizational Culture
    4. Work Force Diversity
    SECTION II -- Processes
    5. Group Dynamics
    6. Individual and Organizational Motivation
    7. Leadership, Power, and Politics
    8. Decision Making
    9. Conflict and Negotiation
    SECTION III -- Adaptation
    10. Individual Change
    11. Organizational Change
    12. Summary
    Name Index
    Subject Index