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Contemporary Readings in Ocean Sciences

Third Edition

Edited by R. Gordon Pirie

Publication Date - 04 January 1996

ISBN: 9780195087680

448 pages
6-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches


This is the third edition of a well-received supplementary text first published in 1973. Completely revised and updated, this new edition of this highly acclaimed anthology about the world's oceans includes 37 articles and essays, most published after 1990, by over fifty of the world's leading ocean scientists. Based on the outline for an introductory course in oceanography, the new edition includes several articles that address important recent developments in the field, including global research programs dealing with ocean circulation, sea level, climate, and deltas. Other articles discuss advances in marine technology and challenge the way world communities manage their oceans. Several contemporary articles describe continuing research in the field and in the laboratory in such areas as sea level and climate change, and gas hydrates. Designed to provide supplemental reading on current research topics the book features a balance of categories, and the articles vary in terms of technical difficulty, providing students and instructors with the opportunity for in-depth discussions of research strategies and methodologies.

Previous Publication Date(s)

February 1977

Table of Contents

    1. The Early History of Diving, R. Marx
    2. Medical Problems Associated with Underwater Diving, Y. Melamed, A. Shupak, and H. Bitterman
    3. H.M.S. Challenger and the Development of Marine Science, H. Charnock
    4. Long-Range Needs for Deep-Sea Platforms: The Deep-Sea Observatory Concept, P.H. Wiebe, D.D. Moran, R. Knox, C.B. Miller, and J.A. McGowan
    5. Undersea Satellites: The Commercialization of AUVs, D. Walsh
    6. Update: World Ocean Circulation Experiment, W.J. Gould
    7. El Nino and La Nana, G. Philander
    8. Tracking Ocean Eddies, P.L. Richardson
    9. Carbon Sink and the Oceans, P. Quay
    10. Numerical Air/Sea Environmental Prediction, J.J. Jensen and J. Hovermale
    11. Sea Level as an Indicator of Climate and Global Change, B.B. Parker
    12. Ocean Warming and Sea Level Rise along the Southwest U.S. Coast, D. Roemmich
    13. Global Warming and Antarctica, J.C. King
    14. World Initiation of Holocene Marine Deltas by Deceleration of Sea-Level Rise, D.J. Stanley and A.G. Warne
    15. History of Pacific Guyots Uncovered, Ocean Drilling Program--Leg 143 Scientific Party
    16. Ecology of Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Communities: A Review, R.A. Lutz and M.J. Kennish
    17. Biodiversity of the Pelagic Ocean, M.V. Angel
    18. The Predatory Behavior of the White Shark, A.P. Klimley
    19. Sea Turtles Master Migration with Magnetic Memories, L. Seachrist
    20. Which Whales Are Hunted? A Molecular Genetic Approach To Monitoring Whaling, C.S. Baker and S.R. Palumbi
    21. Anthropogenic Nutrients and the Degradation of Western Atlantic and Caribbean Coral Reefs, P. Hallock, F.E. Muller-Karger, and J.C. Halas
    22. An Assessment of Global Warming Stress on Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystems, D.K. Atwood, J.C. Hendee, and A. Mendez
    23. Mermaids--Their Biology, Culture, and Demise, K. Banse
    24. Red Menace in the World's Ocean, E. Culotta
    25. Bioluminescence: Excited States under Cover of Darkness, H.H. Seliger
    26. U.S. Ocean Resources 2000: A National Plan for Growth
    27. Marine Fisheries at a Critical Juncture, M.P. Sissenwine and A.A. Rosenberg
    28. Ecosystem Management and the Antarctic Krill, S. Nicol and W. de la Mare
    29. Marine Aquaculture--Opportunities for Growth, R.B. Fridley
    30. Fish Meal and Alternate Sources of Protein in Fish Feeds, G.L. Rumsey
    31. Gas Hydrates--Geological Perspective and Global Change, K.A. Kvenvolden
    32. The Resource Potential of Antarctic Icebergs, P. Wadhams
    33. The Call of the Islands, E.G. Frankel
    34. Petroleum Drilling and Production Operations in the Gulf of Mexico, C.S. Fang
    35. Oil Spill Response Technologies, U.S. Congress
    36. Fate and Transport of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, J.A. Galt, W.J. Lehr, and D.L. Payton
    37. The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: Status of the Shoreline
    Sources and Permissions