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Music Research

A Handbook

Second Edition

Laurie J. Sampsel

Publication Date - July 2012

ISBN: 9780199797127

352 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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Retail Price to Students: $62.95

The Award-Winning Guide to Music Research


Clear, concise, and practical, Music Research: A Handbook, Second Edition, introduces students to the major print and electronic research tools available today.

With a strong focus on the connection between music and writing, this comprehensive guide is ideal for use in both undergraduate and graduate music courses that require students to engage in library research or to write research papers.


Rich pedagogy (evaluation checklists, guidelines for theses, appendices on major documentation styles, Library of Congress subject headings/call numbers, annotated bibliographies, and more)

Expanded overview of the research process and various methodologies

Updated chapter on online music content and more integrated coverage of Internet resources

Updated companion website (www.oup.com/us/musresearch) containing related links, updates to bibliographies and readings, research tools listed by composer, and lists of core music journals and major professional music associations

About the Author(s)

Dr. Laurie J. Sampsel is Professor and Faculty Director of the Howard B. Waltz Music Library at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Previous Publication Date(s)

February 2008


"A much-needed addition to the library and bibliography instruction literature."--Cheryl Taranto, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"Sampsel encourages students to be independent learners and researchers. We had been lacking a text that would work well at the graduate and undergraduate level--this text fits the bill."--Vicki Stroeher, Marshall University

"This book gives the student researcher powerful tools right at his or her disposal. Sampsel has carefully selected what information to include; her skills as a 'gatekeeper' are exemplary."--Gerald Szymanski, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester

"Well-organized and succinct."--Holly Gardinier, Claremont Colleges

Table of Contents

    Each chapter ends with an Evaluation Checklist and Suggested Readings.
    List of Figures
    List of Abbreviations
    Chapter 1: Guides to the Research Process and Research Tools
    Research Process
    Music Research Process
    General Research Process
    Research Tools
    Music Research Tools
    General Research Tools
    Chapter 2: Music Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
    Comprehensive General Music Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
    Special Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
    Biographical Dictionaries
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Women Musicians
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Black Musicians
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of American Musicians
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Canadian Musicians
    Dictionaries of Musical Terms
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Musical Instruments
    General Instrument Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Specific Instruments
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Opera and Musical Theater
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Opera
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries Musical Theater
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Performance Practice
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Jazz, Rock, and Popular Music
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Jazz
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Rock and Popular Music
    Miscellaneous Music Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
    Chapter 3: Library Catalogs
    Author Searches
    Title Searches
    Author/Title Searches
    Keyword Searches and Subject Heading Searches
    Keyword Searches
    Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings
    Format Issues
    Keyword Searches and Title Searches
    Limiting Search Results
    Contents of Bibliographic Records
    Examples of Library Catalogs
    Local Libraries
    Library Consortia
    National Libraries
    Bibliographic Utilities
    Finding Library Catalogs
    Information Centers
    Chapter 4: Periodical Indexes for Music
    Major Music Periodical Indexes
    Retrospective Periodical Indexes
    Other Music Periodical Indexes
    Ceased Music Periodical Indexes
    Periodical Indexes for Related Disciplines
    American History
    Language and Literature
    Performing Arts
    Science and Medicine
    Social Sciences and Psychology
    Major General Periodical Indexes
    Major Newspaper Indexes
    Finding Online Journals
    Chapter 5: Indexes to Music Dissertations, Theses, Conference Papers, and Festschriften
    Dissertations and Theses
    Indexes of Dissertations and Theses
    Music-Specific Indexes of Dissertations and Theses
    General Indexes of Dissertations and Theses
    Conference Papers and Congress Reports
    Indexes of Conference Papers and Congress Reports
    Music-Specific Indexes of Conference Papers and Congress Reports
    General Indexes of Conference Papers and Congress Reports
    Indexes of Festschriften
    Music-Specific Indexes of Festschriften
    General Indexes of Essays
    Chapter 6: Thematic Catalogs
    Bibliographies of Thematic Catalogs
    Single-Composer Thematic Catalogs
    Examples of Single-Composer Thematic Catalogs
    Guides and Locators for Single-Composer Thematic Catalogs
    Thematic Catalogs for Particular Repertories
    Examples of Thematic Catalogs for Particular Repertories
    Collections, Archives, Libraries, and Publishers
    Chapter 7: Indexes to Music in Complete Works Editions, Musical Monuments, Historical Sets, and Anthologies
    Complete Works Editions
    Examples of Complete Works Editions
    Musical Monuments and Historical Sets
    Examples of Musical Monuments by Place
    Examples of Historical Sets by Style Period
    Additional Examples of Sets and Series
    Examples of Anthologies
    Indexes of Complete Works Editions, Musical Monuments, Historical Sets, and Anthologies
    Chapter 8: Music Histories, Source Readings, and Chronologies
    Music Histories
    Multi-volume Music Histories
    Music History Series (W.W. Norton and Prentice Hall)
    General Music History Texts
    Music Appreciation Texts
    Study Guides and Outlines of Music History
    Important Earlier Musicians
    Special Topic Histories
    Music Source Readings
    General Music Source Readings
    Special Topic Music Chronologies
    Chapter 9: Bibliographies of Music and Music Literature
    Bibliographies of Music
    General Music Bibliographies
    Bibliographies for Particular Repertories
    Bibliographies of Music Literature
    General Bibliographies of Music Literature
    Special Topic Bibliographies of Music Literature
    Bibliographies of Both Music and Music Literature
    International Inventory of Musical Sources (RISM)
    Composer Bio-bibliographies, Guides to Research, and Other Bibliographies
    Examples of Single-Composer Bibliographies
    Chapter 10: Discographies
    Bibliographies of Discographies
    Comprehensive and Historical Discographies
    Currently Available Catalogs and Recordings
    Recommended Recordings and Buyer's Guides
    Library and Sound Archive Catalogs
    Local Libraries
    Library Consortia
    National Libraries
    Bibliographic Utilities
    Special Topic Discographies
    Discographies for Instruments and Ensembles
    Opera Discographies
    Jazz Discographies
    Rock Music Discographies
    Folk and World Music Discographies
    Discographies of Women in Music
    Single-Composer Discographies
    Schoenberg, Arnold
    Stravinsky, Igor
    Wagner, Richard
    Performer Discographies
    Recording Label Discographies
    American Music Discographies
    Canadian Music Discographies
    Recording Reviews and Indexes to Reviews
    Chapter 11: Music Iconographies
    Bibliographies of Iconographies
    General Music Iconographies and Illustrated Histories
    Musical Instrument Iconographies
    General Musical Instrument Iconographies
    Western Musical Instrument Iconographies
    Non-Western Musical Instrument Iconographies
    Multiple-Composer Iconographies
    Single-Composer Iconographies
    Bach, Johann Sebastian
    Beethoven, Ludwig van
    Brahms, Johannes
    Chopin, Frederic
    Debussy, Claude
    Handel, George Frederic
    Haydn, Franz Joseph
    Liszt, Franz
    Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
    Palestrina, Giovannia Pierluigi da
    Schoenberg, Arnold
    Schubert, Franz
    Schumann, Robert
    Stravinsky, Igor
    Verdi, Giuseppe
    Wagner, Richard
    Chapter 12: Music Directories
    Directories of Music Libraries and Collections
    International Music Library Directories
    United States Music Library Directories
    British Music Library Directories
    Canadian Music Library Directories
    Music Education Directories
    Performing Arts Directories
    Music Industry and Music Company Directories
    Music Organizations and Music Competitions Directories
    Chapter 13: Online Music Content
    Online Books
    Online Scores
    Digital Audio
    Mixed Media
    Finding Music Online
    Search Engines
    Music Subject Directories
    Professional Association Websites
    Websites for Staying Current
    Chapter 14: Writing
    Music-Specific Writing Books
    General Writing Books
    Comprehensive Guides
    Compiling Bibliographies
    Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling
    Style and Rhetoric
    Chapter 15: Style Manuals and Citation of Sources
    Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism
    Examples of Plagiarism
    Major Style Manuals
    University of Chicago Press Style (Chicago Style)
    American Psychological Society Style (APA Style)
    Modern Language Association Style (MLA Style)
    Music-Specific Style Manuals
    Citing Electronic Sources
    Citation Management Software
    Using Sources
    Suggested Readings
    A: Library of Congress Classification: Class M Outline
    B: Search Tips
    Boolean Search Terms
    Nesting Search Terms
    Truncation and Wildcards
    Phrase and "String" Searches
    C: Composers Included as Examples in this Text
    D: International Inventory of Musical Sources (RISM) Publications
    Series A: Sources by Individual Composers
    Series B: Sources by Multiple Composers and Bibliographies of Materials
    Organized by Topic
    Series C: Directory of Music Research Libraries
    E: Chicago Style at Your Fingertips
    Bibliographic Citation Formats
    Footnote/Endnote Citation Formats
    Author-Date System
    F: APA Style at Your Fingertips
    Reference List
    Reference Citations in the Text
    G: MLA Style at Your Fingertips
    List of Works Cited
    Parenthetical Text Citations

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