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Music Library and Research Skills

Second Edition

Jane Gottlieb

Publication Date - October 2016

ISBN: 9780190267940

400 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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A concise and practical guide to music research


**Winner of the Music Library Association's Vincent Duckles Award for the best bibliography or research tool in music**

Music Library and Research Skills
, Second Edition, introduces the prime concepts of music research, helping students develop a firm understanding of the tools that provide information about music: what types of sources exist, how they are arranged, and how they may best be used to do research. Covering a wide range of music reference sources for research in all genres of music, the text is thorough, lively, and informative.

New to this Edition

  • A new introduction on the reearch process presents five sample topics that are followed throughout the book in "Research Process" summaries appended to most chapters
  • Expanded and updated discussions of "real-life scenarios" appear throughout the book
  • Exciting new additions of resources include the RILM Music Encyclopedias, the MGG Online, and the Beethoven thematic catalog
  • An open-access Companion Website at www.oup.com/us/gottlieb offers new publications, website links, and additional student resources


  • Ideal for both undergraduate and graduate music bibliography and research skills classes
  • Combines basic research information with real-life scenarios, helping students understand how to apply research skills

About the Author(s)

Jane Gottlieb is Vice President of Library and Information Resources at The Juilliard School and the Director of the school's C.V. Starr Doctoral Program.

Previous Publication Date(s)

July 2015


"Gottlieb's text is a very good and concise overview of the many facets and types of music resources and research tools. It is a practical and pragmatic resource for a variety of music students." --Jann Cosart, Baylor University

"Music Library and Research Skills covers all of the important resources for music research. The text's brief introductory sections place the resources in context and describe their significance. Particular advantages include: the book's practical emphasis found in the use of real-life scenarios; the brief suggestions for use of resources within the overall research process; and the various hints contained in boxes. --Judith Bowman, Duquesne University

"The organization is clearer, annotations superior, and level of intellectual engagement deeper in Gottlieb's text than other works. I would recommend it." --Jay Bulen, Truman State University

Table of Contents



    Preface to the Second Edition

    Preface to the First Edition

    Introduction: The Research Process

    Chapter 1: Libraries and the Universe of Information About Music
    Types of Libraries and Selected Listings
    Tips on Searching Library Catalogs
    Bibliographic Style and Style Manuals
    Using the Internet for Music Research
    The Research process

    Chapter 2: Bibliographies of Music Literature
    A. Bibliographies of Bibliographies and Guides to the Literature About Music
    B. Bibliographies of Music Literature: Format-Specific Sources
    C. Bibliographies of Music Literature: Subject-Specific Sources
    D. Bibliographies of Music Literature: Indexes
    The Research Process

    Chapter 3: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
    Overview and Chronological Survey of Music Dictionaries
    Encyclopedic sources (Grove, MGG, Basso), Concise Dictionaries, Terminological Sources, Biographical Sources
    Special Subject Sources
    Titles, AKAs, and Cross-references
    The Research Process

    Chapter 4: Composers, Performers, and Composer-Performers: Selected Bibliographic and Dictionary Sources

    Chapter 5: Histories of Music and Methods of Research
    Historiography of Music and Landmark Music Histories
    Popular Music Studies
    Jazz Research
    German Musicologists in Perspective
    Teaching of Music History and Music History Textbooks
    Twenty-First Century Landmark?
    Oral History
    Specific Music Histories Published Since 1990
    Source Readings
    Music Iconography
    Chronologies and Calendars
    The Research Process

    Chapter 6: Periodicals, Periodical Indexes, and Literature Databases
    Selected Music Periodical Titles
    The Research Process and "How Much Is Enough?"

    Chapter 7: Discographies
    Introduction: Discographic Tools and The History of Recording
    Specific Discographies
    About Recordings: A Selected Bibliography
    The Research Process

    Chapter 8: From Manuscript to Printed Edition
    Manuscript Sources
    Bibliographies of Early Music (Music Before 1800)
    Music Printing and Publishing
    Music Printing and Publishing: A Selected Bibliography
    Music Printing and Publishing: Selected Studies of Specific Printers/Publishers
    Chronology of Printing, Publishing, and Copyright: Landmarks
    Types of Editions and the Process of Editing
    Editing and Editions: A Selected Bibliography
    Study of Manuscripts via Surrogates: Facsimiles, Microfilm, and Digital Copies
    Copyright: A Selected Bibliography
    Performing Rights Societies
    The Research Process

    Chapter 9: Bibliographies of Music
    Bibliographies of Music and Indexes
    Musical Settings of Poets and Writers; Tributes to Historical Figures
    Regional Bibliographies and Other Specialized Tools
    Resources for Locating Music Publishers
    Digital Scores

    Chapter 10: Composer Thematic Catalogs
    Composer Thematic Catalogs
    The Research Process

    Chapter 11: Texts and Translations
    Text Translations and Guides to Pronunciation: Selected Sources
    Internet Sources
    Individual Composers

    Chapter 12: Resources for Careers in Music and Other Miscellaneous Tools
    Funding Sources and Grants
    Resources on Careers in Music: A Selected List
    Business and Legal Resources
    Career Guides
    Travel Guides and Gazetteers

    Selected Glossary of German Terms

    Selected Glossary of Bibliographic Terms and Abbreviations


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