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Music in America

Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture

Adelaida Reyes

Publication Date - November 2004

ISBN: 9780195146677

144 pages
Book with CD/DVD
5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

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Music in America is one of several case-study volumes that can be used along with Thinking Musically, the core book in the Global Music Series. Thinking Musically incorporates music from many diverse cultures and establishes the framework for exploring the practice of music around the world. It sets the stage for an array of case-study volumes, each of which focuses on a single area of the world. Each case study uses the contemporary musical situation as a point of departure, covering historical information and traditions as they relate to the present.
America's music is a perennial work in progress. Music in America looks at both the roots of American musical identity and its many manifestations, seeking to answer the complex question: "What does American music sound like?" Focusing on three themes--identity, diversity, and unity--it explores where America's music comes from, who makes it, and for what purpose. Rather than chronologically tracing America's musical history, author Adelaida Reyes considers how musical culture is shaped by space and time, by geography and history, by social, economic, and political factors, and by people who use music to express themselves within a community. Introducing the diversity that dominates the contemporary American musical landscape, Reyes draws on a dazzling range of musical styles--from ethnic and popular music idioms to contemporary art music--to highlight the ways in which sounds from various cultural origins come to share a national identity.
Packaged with a 65-minute CD containing examples of the music discussed in the book, Music in America features guided listening and hands-on activities that allow readers to become active participants in the music.

Table of Contents

    CD Track List
    1. A Unifying Vision
    Three Themes
    A Voyage of Discovery
    The Perspective
    The Historical Context
    2. Diversity and American Musical Life
    Diversity and American Ideology
    Sources of Diversity
    Immigration: Forced Migration; Voluntary Migration
    Diversity from Within: Diversity through Aggregation; Diversity through Divergence from Common Roots; Diversity in Motion: Redrawing Boundaries
    Diversity and the American Musical Scene
    3. Identity and American Music
    A Story of Two Songs
    Identity: From the Ground Up
    The Human Dimension
    Markers of Identity
    Identity on the National Level
    Summing Up
    The Seeds of Complexity: The Genesis of American Musical Boundaries
    A Backward Glance
    4. E pluribus unum
    Oneness: The Historical Dimension
    The Language of Oneness
    Aaron Copeland and A Lincoln Portrait
    "My Hometown" by Bruce Springsteen
    The Paradox of Musical Oneness: Its Changing Face, the Unchanging Mission
    Multiculturalism and Oneness
    Race, Oneness, and Jazz
    Dizzy Gillespie
    The Dynamics of Oneness
    5. American Musical Culture
    A View through Technology
    Technology and Contemporary Frontier Pushing
    At the Frontier of Musical Sound
    Genre and Other Boundaries
    Who Is a Musician?
    The Production and Dissemination of Music
    Music as Property and as Commodity
    Beyond Technology: The Larger Picture
    A Shift in Perspective
    We, the People