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Modern Women Playwrights of Europe

Edited by Alan P. Barr

Publication Date - October 2000

ISBN: 9780195135367

608 pages
6-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

Retail Price to Students: $129.99


Modern Women Playwrights of Europe brings together seventeen major plays by European women of the twentieth century. Some of these works are internationally known, while others appear here in translation for the first time. Featuring selections by playwrights from several European countries--from Spain and Greece to Iceland and Scandinavia--this volume presents plays that have been largely overlooked by most existing anthologies of Continental drama.
This unique collection includes important plays from the beginning of the twentieth century, such as Gabriela Zapolska's The Morality of Mrs. Dulski (essentially unavailable in English until now) and Kalliroi Siganou-Parren's The New Woman (never before translated into English). It also offers modern classics from such dramatists as Ana Diosdado, Marguerite Duras, Elfriede Jelinek, Dacia Maraini, Paloma Pedrero, and Gerlind Reinshagen, and some very recent plays from Nordic women. Representing both a significant re-examination of the canon and a valuable contribution to the study of comparative literature, Modern Women Playwrights of Europe can be used as a core text or a supplement for courses in modern European drama, modern drama, comparative drama, women's literature, and women's studies.

Table of Contents

    Gabriela Zapolska, The Morality of Mrs. Dulski (Poland, 1906), translated by Wieslawa and Victor Contoski
    Kalliroi Siganou-Parren, The New Woman (Greece, 1907), translated by Stratos E. Constantinidis
    Suzanne Lilar, El Burlador (Belgium, 1945), translated by Frank Caucci
    Eeva-Liisa Manner, Burnt Orange (Finland, 1968), translated by Herbert Lomas
    Marguerite Duras, Eden Cinema (France, 1977), translated by Barbara Bray
    Simone Benmussa, The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs (France, 1977), translated by Barbara Wright
    Ana Diosdado, Yours for the Asking (Spain, 1973), translated by Patricia W. O'Connor
    Paloma Pedrero, Lauren's Call (Spain, 1984), translated by Patricia W. O'Connor
    Dacia Maraini, Dialogue Between a Prostitute and Her Client (Italy, 1978), translated by Tony Mitchell
    Gerlind Reinshagen, Sunday's Children (Germany, 1976), translated by Tinch Minter and Anthony Vivis
    Daniela Fischerová, The Hour Between Dog and Wolf (Czechoslovakia, 1979) a translated by Véronique Firkusný-Callegari and Robert T. Jones
    Elfriede Jelinek, Clara S.: A Musical Tragedy (Austria, 1981), translated by Anthony Vivis
    Ludmila Petrushevskaya, Music Lessons (Russia, 1983), translated by Stephen Mulrine
    Bjorg Vik, The Trip to Venice (Norway, 1992), translated by Janet Garton
    Kristina Lugn, Aunt Blossom (Sweden, 1993), translated by Verne Moberg
    Astrid Saalbach, Morning and Evening (Denmark, 1993) a translated by Malene Madsen
    Hrafnhildur Hagalin Gudmundsdottir, Easy Now, Electra (Iceland, 1998), translated by Brian FitzGibbon