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Modern Judaism

An Oxford Guide

Edited by Nicolas de Lange and Miri Freud-Kandel

Publication Date - 17 March 2005

ISBN: 9780199262878

472 pages

A comprehensive, multi-disciplinary volume of newly-commissioned chapters that will serve as a main course text for the study of Modern/Contemporary Judaism.


A comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, multi-authored guide to contemporary Jewish life and thought, focusing on social, cultural and historical aspects of Judaism alongside theological issues. This volume includes 38 newly-commissioned essays, including contributions from leading specialists in their fields. This book covers the major areas of thought in contemporary Jewish Studies, including considerations of religious differences, sociological, philosophical, and gender issues, geographical diversity, inter-faith relations, and the impact of the Shoah and the modern state of Israel.

Readership: Suitable for all undergraduate students studying Modern Judaism. Also for the general reader looking for a comprehensive guide to Modern Judaism.


  • A comprehensive, multi-disciplinary volume of newly-commissioned chapters that will serve as a main course text for the study of Modern/Contemporary Judaism.
  • Includes surveys of current thought in central areas of Modern Jewish Studies, alongside focused chapters on key areas.
  • Includes a section on Area Studies which highlights the geographical, political and cultural diversity that is a prominent feature of Judaism today and examines the distinctive features of some of the most populous regions of the Jewish world.

About the Author(s)

Nicholas De Lange is Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge. He is also a Fellow of Wolfson College and Director of Studies for Gonville and Caius College. His research interests include medieval Hebrew literature and manuscripts, contemporary Jewish theology and Jewish-Christian relations. Following a Research Fellowship in the Faculty of Divinity at University of Cambridge, Miri Freud-Kandel moved to Oxford to take up a lectureship in Modern Judaism and a Junior Research Fellowship at Wolfson College. Her research interests include the theological development of Orthodox Judaism, particularly in Britain.

Table of Contents

    1. General Introduction, The Editors
    2. Demographic Issues, Uzi Rebhun
    Part One. Historical Issues
    3. Enlightenment and Emancipation, Lois Dubin
    4. Persecution, Robert van Pelt
    5. A National Home, Emmanuele Ottolenghi
    Part Two. Issues of Religion and Modernity
    6. Modernist Movements, Miri Freud-Kandel
    7. Traditional Strands, Eliezer Don-Yehiya
    8. Humanist and Secular Judaisms, Yaakov Malkin
    Part Three. Local Issues
    9. American Jewry, Chaim I. Waxman
    10. Israeli Jewry, Eran Kaplan
    11. French Jewry, Paula Hyman
    12. British Jewry, Miri Freud-Kandel
    13. Jewry in the Former Soviet Union, John Klier
    Part Four. Social Issues
    14. Survey, Harvey Goldberg
    15. Jewish Identity, Steven M. Cohen
    16. Fundamentalism, Nurit Stadler
    Part Five. Religious Issues
    17. Survey, Harvey Goldberg
    18. Prayer and Worship, Ruth Langer
    19. Authority of Texts, Nicholas de Lange
    20. The Future of Jewish Observance, Jeremy Wanderer
    Part Six. Theological Issues
    21. Survey, Norbert M. Samuelson
    22. Revelation, David Novak
    23. Covenant, Peter Ochs
    Part Seven. Philosophical Issues
    24. Survey, Kenneth Seeskin
    25. The Problem of Evil, Daniel Rynhold
    26. Jewish Ethics in a Modern World, Michael Zank
    Part Eight. Halakhic Issues
    27. Survey, Jonathan Cohen
    28. Halakhah and Israel, Daniel Sinclair
    29. Contemporary Issues in Halakhah, Steven H. Resnicoff
    Part Nine. Gender Issues
    30. Survey, Susannah Heschel
    31. The Changing Role of Woman, Judith Baskin
    32. Models of Jewish Manhood, Daniel Boyarin
    Part Ten. Judaism and the Other
    33. As Others See Jews, Elliot Horowitz
    34. Jewish-Christian Relations, M. M. Tolstoy
    35. Jewish-Muslim Relations, Reuven Firestone
    Part Eleven. Emerging Issues
    36. Post-Zionism, Emmanuele Ottolenghi
    37. Sexuality, Steven Greenberg