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Mindfulness and Social Work

Edited by Steven S. Hick

Publication Date - July 2009

ISBN: 9780190616243

256 pages
6 x 9.2 inches

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For the first time ever, a book has been written tying mindfulness techniques to social work practice. Editor Steven Hick has compiled this collection of essays to provide a model for the use of mindfulness in social work practice with individuals, families, groups, and communities. Focused on both mindfulness interventions and the development of mindfulness within the practitioner, this book contains exercises for use by social workers themselves or with clients.


  • First book to directly apply the principles of mindfulness to social work practice
  • Contains exercises on employing mindfullness both in practice with individuals, families, groups, and communities and as an essential part of practitioner self-care

About the Author(s)

Steven S. Hick (PhD, University of Toronto; MA, Carleton University) is associate professor at the School of Social Work, Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada. He is a writer, teacher, human rights advocate, and researcher. He teaches in the area of mindfulness, human rights practice, social worker formation, and community development. He offers mindfulness-based stress reduction courses and social worker training in interpersonal mindfulness. He is co-founder of War Child Canada, an organization that educates Canadian youths about war and helps children in war zones. He is widely published in peer-reviewed journals and is the author of Mindfulness and the Therapeutic Relationship (2008); Social Work in Canada (2nd ed., 2005); Social Work: A Critical Turn (2005); Social Welfare in Canada: Understanding Income Security (2nd ed., 2007); Advocacy, Activism, and the Internet (2002); Children's Rights and the Internet (2001); and Human Rights and the Internet (2000).

Table of Contents

    1 Mindfulness and Social Work: Paying Attention to Ourselves, Our Clients, and Society, Steven F. Hick
    2 Living Fully: Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Life, Christine Kessen
    3 Mindfulness in Social Work Practice: A Theoretical and Spiritual Exploration, Richard Potter
    4 Mindfulness and Reflexivity: The No-Self as Reflexive Practitioner, Laura G. Béres
    5 Watching the Train: Mindfulness and Inner Dialogue in Therapist Skills Training, David A. Paré, Brian Richardson, and Margarita Tarragona
    6 The Contribution of Mindfulness Practice to the Development of Professional Self-Concept in Students of Social Work, Liora Birnbaum
    7 Subjective Well-Being, Mindfulness, and the Social Work Workplace: Insight into Reciprocal Relationships, Susan M. Graham and John R. Graham
    8 Mindfulness-Based Practices in Group Work with Children and Youths in Care, Diana Coholic and Julie LeBreton
    9 Integrating Affect Regulation with Mindfulness in Family Therapy, Ellen Katz
    10 Mindfulness-Influenced Social Work Practice with Immigrants, Miriam George
    11 Mobilizing Communities for Social Change: Integrating Mindfulness and Passionate Politics, Sarah Todd
    12 Mindfulness in Activism: Fighting for Justice as a Self-Reflective Emancipatory Practice, Tracy London
    13 From Environmental Despair to the Ecological Self: Mindfulness and Community Action, Mishka Lysack

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