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Microwave Engineering

Second Edition

T. Koryu Ishii

Publication Date - June 1995

ISBN: 9780155586581

576 pages

Retail Price to Students: $244.99


This comprehensive survey of microwaves, components, and devices for the junior/senior course on microwaves focuses on microwave circuits and solid-state devices. Coverage of thermionics is included. Flexibility allows professors to assign chapters in any order. End-of-chapter application questions demand that students use mathematical and technical skills, as well as creativity and ingenuity.

Previous Publication Date(s)

June 1989

Table of Contents

    1. Microwaves and Their Applications
    2. Microwave Transmission Lines
    3. Solid-State MMIC Transmission Lines
    4. Microwave Resonators
    5. Solid-State MMIC Resonators
    6. Waveguide Components
    7. Solid-State MMIC Waveguide Components
    8. Microwave Antennas
    9. Solid-State MMIC Planar Antennas
    10. Impedance Matching
    11. Impedance Matching in MMIC Design
    12. Introduction To Microwave Solid-State Electronics
    13. Microwave Parametric Amplifiers (Mavars)
    14. Microwave Negative-Differential Conductance Devices
    15. Solid-State Transit-Time Electron Devices
    16. Microwave Transistors
    17. Solid-State MMIC and HMIC
    18. Masers and Lasers
    19. Introduction To Microwave Thermionics
    20. Microwave Triodes and Tetrodes
    21. Multicavity Klystrons
    22. Reflex Klystrons
    23. Magnetrons
    24. Traveling-Wave Tubes
    25. Special Microwave Tubes

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