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Men's Lives

Tenth Edition

Edited by Michael Kimmel and Michael A. Messner

Publication Date - 02 July 2018

ISBN: 9780190698232

544 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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This best-selling reader uses a social-constructionist lens to examine how men navigate masculinity within a social and historical context


Now published by Oxford University Press--at a new, lower price--Men's Lives reflects on the question "What does it mean to be a man in contemporary U.S. society?" Edited by two of the field's most prominent researchers, and organized around themes that define masculinity, this best-selling reader uses a social-constructionist view to examine how men construct masculinity within a social and historical context.

New to this Edition

  • Twenty-eight new articles
  • An expanded focus on gender-nonconforming children, transgender people, and "hybrid" masculinities
  • A broader examination of violence, including articles on rape, mass shootings, and internet-based gender violence
  • A new section "Politics of Masculinities" illuminating men's anti-feminist backlash and U.S. policies that target immigrant men in the age of Donald Trump
  • A new section "What Can Men Do?" focusing on men's actions as individuals--and as members of organizations--to end violence and to support equality in the U.S. and in the world
  • Now published by OUP at a new, lower price

About the Author(s)

Michael Kimmel is SUNY Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Stony Brook University, State University of New York.

Michael A. Messner is Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Southern California.


"Men's Lives is the preeminent book in the field of men and masculinity studies, setting the precedent for the field by consistently presenting better, more relevant articles in comparison to other books."--Todd Magliaccio, California State University-Sacramento

"I love using this book in my course! Students find the text accessible, well organized, and comprehensive. Men's Lives is profoundly engaging and the only text of its kind that brings together classic and contemporary readings on men and masculinities."--Dana Berkowitz, Louisiana State University

"Men's Lives remains a very valuable book. It faithfully reflects what is currently central in the field of study. The organization is excellent, and the book covers a broad range of masculinities topics very ably."--Gordon Fellman, Brandeis University

Table of Contents


    "*" indicates new to this edition

    Part I: Masculinities
    Editors' Introduction
    1. Martha McCaughey, "Caveman Masculinity: Finding an Ethnicity in Evolutionary Science"
    2. Paul Kivel, "The 'Act Like a Man' Box"
    *3. Bethany M. Coston and Michael Kimmel, "Seeing Privilege Where It Isn't: Marginalized Masculinities and the Intersectionality of Privilege"
    4. Yen Le Espiritu, "All Men Are Not Equal: Asian Men in U.S. History"
    5. Hernan Ramirez and Edward Flores, "Latino Masculinities in the Post-9/11 Era"

    Part II: Boyhood
    Editors' Introduction
    *6. Victoria Redel, "Bedecked"
    7. Ellen Jordan & Angela Cowan, "Warrior Narratives in the Kindergarten Classroom: Renegotiating the Social Contract"
    *8. Ann Travers, "Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Kids and the Binary Requirements of Sport Participation in North America"
    *9. Jessica Pfaffendorf 2017, "Sensitive Cowboys: Privileged Young Men and the Mobilization of Hybrid Masculinities in a Therapeutic Boarding School"
    10. C. J. Pascoe, "'Guys are Just Homophobic': Rethinking Adolescent Homophobia and Heterosexuality"

    Part III: Men and Work
    Editors' Introduction
    *11. Marianne Cooper, "Being the 'Go-To Guy': Fatherhood, Masculinity, and the Organization of Work in Silicon Valley"
    12. Adia Harvey Wingfield, "Racializing the Glass Escalator: Reconsidering Men's Experiences with Women's Work"
    13. Kristen Schilt, "Just One of the Guys?: How Transmen Make Gender Visible at Work"
    *14. Kristen Barber, "'Men Wanted': Heterosexual Aesthetic Labor in the Masculinization of the Hair Salon"

    Part IV: Men and Health: Body and Mind
    Editors' Introduction
    *15. Don Sabo, "Wrestling With the Risks: A Guide to Men's Health Studies" (original to this volume)
    *16. Sapna Cheryan, Jessica Schwartz Cameron, Zach Katagiri, and Benoit Monin, "Manning Up: Threatened Men Compensate by Disavowing Feminine Preferences and Embracing Masculine Attributes"
    17. Gloria Steinem, "If Men Could Menstruate"
    *18. Michael Kehler, "Examining Boys, Bodies and PE Locker Room Spaces"

    Part V: Men, Sex, and Relationships
    Editors' Introduction
    *19. Tristan Bridges, "A Very 'Gay' Straight?: Hybrid Masculinities, Sexual Aesthetics, and the Changing Relationships between Masculinity and Homophobia"
    20. Neil Korobov, "He's Got No Game: Young Men's Stories About Failed Romantic and Sexual Experiences"
    21. Chong-Suk Han, "They Don't Want to Cruise Your Type: Gay Men of Color and the Racial Politics of Exclusion"
    *22. Stefan Robinson, Eric Anderson, and Adam White, "The Bromance: Undergraduate Male Friendships and the Expansion of Contemporary Homosocial Boundaries"

    Part VI: Men in Families
    Editors' Introduction
    23. Dana Berkowitz, "Can a Gay Man be a Housewife? Gay Fathers Doing Gender, Family, and Parenting"
    *24. Allen Kim and Karen Pyke, "Taming Tiger Dads: Hegemonic American Masculinity and South Korea's Father School"
    *25. Daniel L. Carlson, Sarah Hanson, and Andrea Fitzroy, "The Division of Child care, Sexual Intimacy, and Relationships Quality in Couples"
    *26. Sarah Thebaud and David Pedulla, "Masculinity and the Stalled Revolution: How Gender Ideologies and Norms Shape Young Men's Responses to Work-Family Policies"

    Part VII: Masculinities in Religion
    Editors' Introduction
    *27. Sarah Diefendorf, "After the Wedding Night: Sexual Abstinence and Masculinities over the Life Course"
    *28. Amy D. McDowell, "Aggressive and Loving Men: Gender Hegemony in Christian Hardcore Punk"
    *29. Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat & Abdullah Hasan, "Muslim masculinities: what is the prescription of the Qur'an?"
    30. Michael S. Kimmel, "Judaism, Feminism, and Masculinity"

    Part VIII: Masculinities in the Media and Popular Culture
    Editors' Introduction
    *31. Kristen Barber & Tristan Bridges, "Marketing Manhood in a 'Postfeminist' Age"
    *32. David Nyland, "Transmitting Softer Masculinity: Sports Talk Radio and Masculinity"
    33. Ron Weitzer and Charis Kubrin, "Misogyny in Rap Music: A Content Analysis of Prevalence and Meanings"
    34. Kathy Sanford and Leanna Madill, "Resistance Through Video Game Play: It's a Boy Thing"

    Part IX: Violence and Masculinities
    Editors' Introduction
    35. Michael Kaufman, "The Seven P's of Men's Violence"
    *36. C. J. Pascoe and Jocelyn A. Hollander, "Good Guys Don't Rape: Gender, Domination, and Mobilizing Rape"
    *37. Tristan Bridges and Tara Leigh Torber, "Mass Shootings and Masculinities"
    *38. Lise Gotell and Emily Dutton, "Sexual Violence in the 'Manosphere': Antifeminist Men's Rights Discourses on Rape"

    Part X: Politics of Masculinities
    Editors' Introduction
    *39. Michael S. Kimmel, "Manufacturing Rage: The Cultural Construction of Aggrieved Entitlement"
    *40. Michael A. Messner, "Forks in the Road of Men's Gender Politics: Men's Rights vs Feminist Allies"
    *41. James W. Messerschmidt and Tristan Bridges, "Trump and the Politics of Fluid Masculinities"
    *42. Tanya Golash-Boza and Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, "Latino immigrant men and the deportation crisis: A gendered racial removal program"

    Part XI: What Can Men Do?
    Editors' Introduction
    43. Erin Casey and Tyler Smith, "How Can I Not? Men's Pathways to Involvement in Anti-Violence Against Women Work"
    *44. Kelsy Kretschmer and Kristen Barber, "Men at the March: Feminist Movement Boundaries and Men's Participation in Take Back the Night and Slutwalk"
    *45. Anjel Stough-Hunter and Julie Hart, "Understanding masculine identity among anti-war veterans"

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