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Memory and Brain

Larry R. Squire

Publication Date - 05 March 1987

ISBN: 9780195042085

336 pages


Written by a leading neuropsychologist, this book brings together the widely scattered psychological and neurobiological work on memory to create a definitive overview of current knowledge. Reflecting the many levels of analysis at which this work is taking place, the book proceeds from the synapse to a review of the function and structure of neural systems and the organization of cognition. Throughout, the author places current research in historical perspective, and identifies major ideas and themes that have emerged in recent years in order to provide a solid foundation for future investigations. The book is amply illustrated and contains a useful glossary. It will be of use in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses on memory, and to psychologists and neuroscientists desiring an account of memory that is informed equally by cognitive and neurobiological insights.

Table of Contents

    1. Definitions: From Synapses to Behavior
    2. Memory as Synaptic Change
    3. Memory and the Developing Nervous System
    4. Modulation of Memory
    5. Localized and Distributed Memory Storage
    6. The Penfield Studies
    7. Searching for Engrams: Simple Learning
    8. Searching for Engrams: Complex Learning
    9. Memory is Determined by Information Processing
    10. Short-Term and Long-Term Processes
    11. Divisions of Long-Term Memory
    12. A Neural System with Memory Functions
    13. Amnesia and the Functional Organization of Memory
    14. Prefrontal Cortex
    15. Memory and Brain: A Beginning

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