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Marine Ecology

Processes, Systems, and Impacts

Michel J Kaiser, Martin J Attrill, Simon Jennings, and David Thomas

Publication Date - 25 October 2020

ISBN: 9780198717850

608 pages

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Striking full colour illustrations and photographs bring this integrated and stimulating survey of marine ecology to life. Through its unique structure, Marine Ecology: Processes, Systems, and Impacts offers a systems-orientated approach from a truly modern and global perspective.

The text introduces key processes and systems from which the marine environment is formed and the issues and challenges which surround its future. Opening with an overview of the processes and interactions which are central to an understanding of marine ecology, the book goes on to explore the diverse systems from which the marine environment is composed, from estuaries to seabeds, the deep sea to polar regions. Detailed case studies form the basis of the pedagogy, highlighting issues from a diverse range of marine systems in a digestible way.

In this third edition, more of an emphasis is placed on climate change and looking towards future challenges, since the importance of understanding and conserving the marine environment has never been more apparent. There is also a new chapter on the value of the ocean to society which discusses key topics such as natural capital and food security.

Marine Ecology: Processes, Systems, and Impacts is a carefully balanced, positive and considered text, containing measures that can be taken to mitigate adverse effects on this complex, fragile environment. It is an essential resource for any student wishing to develop a well-balanced, informed understanding of this fascinating subject.

About the Author(s)

Prof. Michel J. Kaiser, Institute of Life and Earth Sciences, Heriot-Watt University.

Prof. Martin J. Attrill, Marine Institute, University of Plymouth; Dr. Simon Jennings, Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science.

Dr. David N. Thomas, School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University

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